Rainbow Six Siege Y8S1: Operation Commanding Force Release Date, Operator & More

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S1: Operation Commanding Force Release Date, Operator & More
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Lloyd Coombes


18th Feb 2023 20:00

Rainbow Six Siege has been growing for 8 years, and there's no sign of stopping now. The first update of 2023, as revealed at the Six Invitational, is Operation Commanding Force.

Want to know when you can play it, who the new Operator is, and plenty more? We've got you covered.

Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Commanding Force, the game's first update of 2023.

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S1 Commanding Force Release Date

As revealed at the Six Invitational, you can start playing Commanding Force on March 7.

Expect the update to arrive on the game's Test Server on PC. Incidentally, the Test Server, or TS, will now be easier to spot in the main menu when it's available to try.

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S1 Commanding Force Operator

Y8S1 of Rainbow Six Siege is starting strong with a new Operator, Brava.

This Brazilian Attacker has an assault rifle, a DMR, and the new Kludge drone which has the ability to take over defender gadgets and turn them against her enemies.

For more, including her counters, be sure to check out our full Brava guide. We also chatted to Rainbow Six: Siege's Creative Director, too, so be sure to check out Brava's origins in our interview.

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S1 Changes

Players can expect a series of changes to arrive in the new season. We'll update this list when we have more, but Compensator and Muzzle Brake attachments will see their values changed, while Zero's camera is also getting some attention.

The biggest change, though, comes to reloading. Ubisoft is removing the ability to cancel reloads at any time, meaning if you do cut the reload animation short, you won't have any additional ammo in your weapon until you let it fully play out.

Ubisoft says this is another way of "giving actions consequences", and it should reduce the number of times you're caught by an enemy that you could've sworn was out of bullets.

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S1 MouseTrap

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Ubisoft will roll out an update during Operation Commanding Force that will enable a new anti-cheat feature for console players called MouseTrap.

As the name suggests, MouseTrap can detect when players are input spoofing and using mouse and keyboard controls on a console for an unfair advantage in Rainbow Six Siege. When a mouse and keyboard setup is detected, MouseTrap will steadily increase input lag over the course of a match.

To disable this, players will need to switch to a controller setup.

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S1 Battle Pass Tickets

Operation Commanding Force will come with a new Battle Pass, but it'll also offer a new incentive called Battle Pass Tickets.

While players can claim random rewards through Bravo Packs, reaching the end of the Battle Pass' 100-tiers will award a ticket redeemable toward any Bravo Pack reward of their choosing.

This season's Premium Battle Pass bundle will include an exotic weapon skin, too.

That's all we know about Operation Commanding Force in Rainbow Six Siege. For more, be sure to check out our Year 8 roadmap guide to everything coming in 2023.

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