Does Rainbow Six Siege Have A Campaign?

Does Rainbow Six Siege Have A Campaign?
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You might be wondering if there is a Rainbow Six Siege campaign if you're needing a little something beyond the multiplayer core. With a plethora of unique abilities, Rainbow Six Siege would be very enjoyable to tackle in a mission-based format. So, to find out all of the Rainbow Six Siege campaign details, make sure to carry on reading down below.

Does Rainbow Six Siege Have A Campaign?

Does Rainbow Six Siege Have a Campaign?
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Unfortunately, at this current time, there is no campaign available for Rainbow Six Siege - at least in the traditional sense. Your only option for PvE content is through the Training Grounds mode - formerly known as Terrorist Hunt - where you are able to recreate the various online game modes on each map against AI foes.

Training Grounds serves more as a wave defence type of game mode, where there are significantly more enemies flooding in than numbers on your team. You can choose between three different difficulty settings which dictate the number of enemies you face, the time limit and the damage you take.

As mentioned, your goals line up directly with the online game modes, so you will be tasked with protecting a defuser, extracting a hostage, or eliminating all of the enemies. There is no narrative to follow, and the shift away from Terrorist Hunt's 'mission' style made the game mode far more free-flowing.

Many players would love to see missions similar to those in a game like SWAT 4 be implemented into Siege, where you have to breach into a specific location and complete a task. Considering the number of different gadgets available in the game this could be a really engaging game mode.

Is Rainbow Six Extraction Connected To Rainbow Six Siege?

Is Rainbow Six Extraction Connected to Rainbow Six Siege?
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Alternatively, you could give Rainbow Six Extraction a go if you're wanting some form of campaign with the Siege characters. Extraction is a zombie-based shooter filled with your favourite operatives from Siege, and is the closest thing to a campaign, despite being an entirely separate game.

While it does follow a different style to Siege, Extraction plays in a very similar way to its sibling, meaning that you can get your fix in a single-player format if you're wanting it.

So, that should answer all of your questions if you were looking for the Rainbow Six Siege campaign. Make sure to check out this Rainbow Six Siege crossplay guide if you're wanting to play with other platforms.

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