Rainbow Six Siege Deimos Operator guide, including new gadget & all weapons in Y9S1

Rainbow Six Siege Deimos Operator guide, including new gadget & all weapons in Y9S1
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Deimos is the new Attacker Operator arriving in Y9S1 of Rainbow Six Siege, bringing a new tracking gadget into the fold with an all-new weapon too.

Many of the recent additions have quickly risen among the best Operators, so it'll be interesting to see where Deimos lands in the meta in the game's new Operation Deadly Omen.

Who is Deimos in Rainbow Six Siege?

Image of Deimos in Rainbow Six Siege
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Deimos is the new Attacking Operator in Y9S1, and he holds an intriguing position as a villainous character that contrasts with much of the cast so far. From a design perspective, he dons a mask, hiding his identity from the world. His real name is Gerald Morris, and he's from Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

He's also a two-speed two-armour Operator, giving players a balance and allowing them to approach situations with aggression or caution if either is ever required.

What is Deimos' gadget?

Image of Deimos' Deathmark Tracker in Rainbow Six Siege
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Defenders will have to watch themselves when Deimos is in play, as his Deathmark tracking drones give the Attacker the opportunity to remotely track any player who has previously been scanned on the enemy team.

Once a Defender has been marked by an Attacking drone or hacked Dokkaebi camera, Deimos will then be able to select them with his Deathmark drones and track their position with frequent pings. However, these pings are only visible to Deimos, and the biggest catch is that the targeted Defender will also receive pings of Deimos' position - although more infrequently.

Furthermore, Deimos will only be able to equip his .44 Vendetta sidearm when his tracker is active - and while this is a two-hit kill on any Operator, it does leave you somewhat vulnerable in chaotic situations.

This leads to a thrilling cat-and-mouse game where it's up to both players to outsmart each other, and some clever teamwork to create various pincers and flanks.

What weapons does Deimos have?

Image of Deimos' loadout in Rainbow Six Siege
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Deimos has access to the AK-74M assault rifle and the M590A1 shotgun as his primary weapons, and his very own signature .44 Vendetta revolver as a secondary

While both primary options are borrowed from other operators, giving some helpful familiarity to his kit, the .44 Vendetta is a new gun entirely exclusive to Deimos that no other Operator currently possesses. It looks to be very similar to the .44 Magnum that Kaid has - as both are revolvers complete with high-powered optics for extreme precision.

While most players will opt for the versatility of the AK-74M assault rifle, the M590A1 might be a great choice for hunting down foes, as you'll be able to open up new sightlines with the precision you've gained from your Deathmark pings.

Who does Deimos synergise with in Rainbow Six Siege?

Your best attacking synergies with Deimos are entry fraggers who can aggressively push from your intel - with Operators like Ash, Zofia, Ying, and Blitz being particularly potent combinations.

Image of Deimos on the Attackers screen in Rainbow Six Siege
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While Operators like Jackal can work very well in solo play, Deimos' strength comes from his position as a support player who can enable and facilitate plays to his teammates. As your position will be visible to the marked Defender too, using yourself as bait or at the very least a distraction can open up opportunities for your teammates to flank or create a pincer.

He looks to be one of the most effective roam clear Operators in the game - especially as any competent attacker will drone out a map as they are going through it, giving you the opportunity to pick out more players with your Deathmark drones. This can be incredibly handy when dealing with Defenders who always seem to escape the grasp of an Attacking team - and even if you don't manage to kill them you can at least know where they are.

Best Deimos counters

Any Defender with an intel-obscuring gadget is a hard counter to Deimos, with Operators like Mute and Vigil being at the top of the list. Not only do these two cause issues when it comes to scanning Defenders, but they both block the Deathmark tracking when their gadget is active or within proximity.

Trap Operators in general are also excellent counters once you have been tracked by a Deathmark, as you can almost play this to your advantage by baiting the Attackers in and having them set off your tools. Defenders like Kapkan, Fenrir, and Melusi are the best to deal with this - especially if you have a coordinated team to help you out.

Image of Solis in Rainbow Six Siege
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I can also see Solis being an extremely strong counter to Deimos as he will be permanently visible through her Electro-Sensor gadget when his tracker is active. This almost flips the power dynamic completely, and Solis can be very effective both as the tracked Defender or as a supporting party to one of your teammates who is being tracked.

Finally, Mozzie could also be a great option as he removes the potential for Deimos to even get started, as he almost exclusively requires drones for his gadget to have any function. You won't always be able to snap every single drone up though, so don't rely on the Australian Defender as a catch-all counter.

Deimos tips and tricks to win more games

While you might be tempted to use your gadget as Deimos as much as possible - you should be consciously selective about who you track as that can very much affect your success in every round.

Tracking someone like Solis, for example, is just asking to be killed, as she'll be able to see your position in real-time once you get in range, giving her a much greater chance of success despite being tracked herself.

Furthermore, there's no point tracking someone that you know is just anchoring up on site, as that isn't valuable intel to gain, and they will typically have the advantage when it comes to any angles or gunfights.

Droning out the map is going to be one of your key responsibilities as Deimos, as not only will you likely be the team's support player, but droning is one of the only ways to actually get your gadget working.

Finally, making sure that you're actually working with your team to convey intel and take down your tracked targets will dramatically increase your success rate and help you win more games. Deimos is not very effective as a solo rusher as your position is revealed and you're at a weapon disadvantage.

I'll always make sure to let my team know who I'm scanning and where they are at all times, encouraging other Attackers to work with you and take your target by surprise. Often you'll be flushing out a roamer too, which is to the benefit of the entire team and can really help you push onto the bomb site.

It'll still be a while until we see where Deimos truly settles within the meta, but he looks to be an intriguing addition to the game and one that will still strike fear into any Defender the moment that they start being tracked.

Check out our Rainbow Six Siege homepage for more tips and tricks, including our rundown of Y9S1 as a whole, and our explanation of the ranking system for any new players to Competitive.

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