Rainbow Six Extraction Campaign: Does Extraction Have A Campaign?

Rainbow Six Extraction Campaign: Does Extraction Have A Campaign?
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Aaron Bayne


17th Jan 2022 10:33

Does Rainbow Six Extraction have a campaign? Rainbow Six Extraction is expanding the Rainbow Six universe with its alien-tinged co-op experience, which will take certain elements from the popular tactical shooter in a PvE. There is always a lot of expansive lore surrounding games like Rainbow Six Extraction, but does this new release have a campaign for players to dig into? Let's jump into everything you need to know about a Rainbow Six Extraction campaign. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Campaign: Is There A Campaign?  

A Rainbow Six Extraction campaign would take the Rainbow Six franchise in an interesting new direction, as this game focuses on the alien infestation of Archaeans. Rather than tactical bomb disposal missions, we have the infected quarantine zones which we must clear out.

So with that premise, does Rainbow Six Extraction have a campaign? As a lot of Siege fans may suspect, Rainbow Six Extraction does not have a campaign, at least not at launch. That doesn't mean there isn't any story content. 

  • Despite not having a campaign, you will be able to play the game solo. But if playing with your mates is more your thing, check out our Rainbow Six Extraction co-op guide. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Campaign: What's The Premise? 

There is no Rainbow Six Extraction campaign.
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While there isn't a Rainbow Six Extraction campaign, there is still a decent story premise at play here. First toyed with in the Outbreak event in 2018, Extraction fully introduces aliens to the Rainbow Six universe.

Members from Team Rainbow have transferred over to a new tactical extraction unit called REACT. The REACT team are infiltrating alien quarantine zones to not only clear out nests, but collect intel, study and create useful weapons to counter them . We're sure this means we'll see modifications of gadgets and abilities from members of REACT. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Campaign: A Story Through Gameplay 

Instead of a Rainbow Six Extraction campaign, the story will be told through gameplay.
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While neither Siege or Rainbow Six Extraction will feature a single player campaign, they still continue an ongoing story through their operators, dialogue, and external lore. The characters of Siege have built up over the last half decade or so, and with Extraction taking 18 of the 60 operators - that established lore will only continue through this game. We know that Ubisoft is keen to build up its own Rainbow Six universe, with one of its most recent Extraction trailers literally titled "Lore". 

We suspect that there will be some kind of references to Siege, and it would be interesting to see Extraction is referenced in Siege. However, as Siege has only continued to expand its narrative since its launch in 2015, it seems safe to assume the same will happen in Extraction. It's likely that we will also see cinematic trailers and potentially even short comics, as has been the case for Siege. 

That's all you need to know about the Rainbow Six Extraction campaign. Want to know more about the differences between this and Siege, check out our Rainbow Six Extraction vs. Siege guide. 



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