Rainbow Six Extraction Vs. Siege: What's Different About Extraction?

Rainbow Six Extraction Vs. Siege: What's Different About Extraction?
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Aaron Bayne


17th Jan 2022 10:59

Rainbow Six Extraction vs. Rainbow Six Siege is the battle between the two shooters happening right now, and players are wondering what the differences are. Rainbow Six Extraction is leaning further into sci-fi with this Rainbow Six universe expander introducing new tech, aliens, and more. Yet with the two games having an overlap of features, gameplay and even title, what are the differences between Extraction and Siege? Is Rainbow Six Extraction a new game, or just an expansion of Siege? We've got all the details in our Extraction vs. Siege guide. 

Extraction Vs. Siege: Is Extraction An Expansion? 

Rainbow Six Extraction vs Siege.
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When trying to find the difference between Extraction and Siege, many players may be wondering whether this alien themed title is just the latest event or expansion coming to Siege. However, Extraction is a game of its own.

Where the confusion may lie is that the idea of aliens in the Rainbow Six universe was first introduced in the Outbreak event back in 2018. This acted as the inception of Rainbow Six Extraction which eventually grew into its own game. 

Extraction Vs. Siege: PvP Vs. PvE

Rainbow Six Extraction vs. Siege.
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Arguably the biggest difference between Extraction and Siege is that one is PvE (player versus environment) and the other PvP (player versus player). Siege has become a massive name in esports tournaments for its tactical approach to gameplay, that allows teams like FaZe Clan and Ninjas In Pyjamas to compete against each other. This has been key to the continued success of Siege, as each match can be dynamic, varied, and unique. 

Extraction on the other hand sports PvE, as teams face off against alien A.I.. This could be a contentious matter for long-time Rainbow Six fans, as it removes the variable component brought to the game through an actual human controlling the opposition. However, Ubisoft promises through its high damage and wide range of enemy types that matches will be kept similarly dynamic. 

Extraction Vs. Siege: Operators

Rainbow Six Extraction vs. Siege has some of the same operators.
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One of the biggest lapovers between Extraction and Siege is the playable operators. Siege has accumulated 60 operators and counting since it launched, and 18 of those will be playable in Extraction. This includes characters like Sledge, Vigil, Fuze and many more.

Unlike the teams of five operators in Siege, Extraction will feature tighter teams of three, which function effectively the same in terms of content abilities and gear. However, that doesn't remain the same as players dive deeper into the game. Extraction features a levelling system which will allow you to customise your weapons, gear and abilities for each of the operators. This a stark change from the immovable operators of Siege who can only customise their cosmetic appearance.

Extraction Vs. Siege: Mission Structure

Rainbow Six Extraction vs. Siege changes the mission structure.
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The replayability of Extraction vs. Siege will be a major deciding point for a lot of players. Siege is a round-based game, where players win or lose after a set amount of rounds on a set rotation of maps with the objective of either attacking or defending. Extraction, however, features a different gameplay loop. Players are tasked with wiping out nests and retrieving intel and fallen operators.

They will work through three levels, before being given the option to extract. However, players can decide to push even further, for the chance of better gear, all the while the difficulty slowly creeps up. It has a harsher focus on the risk-reward style of gameplay over Siege, especially when you factor in the procedurally generated levels, meaning you can't memorise enemy locations and such. 

Those are the biggest differences in our Extraction vs. Siege comparison. If you want to play with your friends on different platforms, check out our Rainbow Six Extraction crossplay guide.


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