Rainbow Six Extraction Co-Op: Team Size And Buddy Pass

Rainbow Six Extraction Co-Op: Team Size And Buddy Pass
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17th Jan 2022 10:22

If you've ever played Rainbow Six Siege, you'll likely want to try out a bit of Rainbow Six Extraction co-op. Rainbow Six Extraction acts as an extension to the world of siege with operators, skill, and a similar feel to gameplay transferring over from the immensely popular Siege. But while Extraction swaps out soldiers for aliens, does it still hold onto its co-op? Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Extraction co-op including info on team size and the buddy pass. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Co-Op: Does It Feature Co-Op?

Rainbow Six Extraction co-op let's you play with your friends.
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Rainbow Six wouldn't be the franchise it is today without co-op, so fans will be glad as Rainbow Six Extraction co-op ensures that trend is continued. Players will be able to squad up in teams of three to take on the variety of deadly Archaens.

The reliance on tight team coordination remains, and with 18 out of the 60 (and counting) operators from Siege transferring over here, each player will come with their own unique skills.

Rainbow Six Extraction Co-Op: Buddy Pass 

Rainbow Sixx Extraction co-op also includes the buddy pass which let's your friends play with your for free.
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We all know how much of a pain it can be trying to convince your mates to shell out for a new game to play together, and while Extraction can be picked up for a reduced £39.99/$39.99, it can still be a hassle. That's why Ubisoft has put a keen emphasis on the accessibility of Rainbow Six Extraction co-op. As mentioned, the game will be available through Game Pass, meaning players can pick the game up for an entire month (and the hundreds of other titles) for as little as £10.99/$14.99. 

However, for those not on Xbox who want to play with their friends, Ubisoft has introduced the Buddy Pass system. Each owner of Extraction will receive two Buddy Pass tokens. These tokens can then be assigned to two friends through the in-game menus - read up more on Rainbow Six Extraction crossplay here.

Once they have received their invite, players across any platform can download a trial version of the game which they can play with you for up to two weeks. If someone plays the trial version on their own, they have a timer of just two hours to check it out. This timer does not run when playing with the person that originally invited you. 

This is an excellent way to get your friends into Rainbow Six Extraction co-op, as the trial version is limited only by time, and features everything the full game does. If a Buddy Pass invite decides to pick up the full game, any progress or unlocks they made during their trial period, will remain so in the full game. Check out whether Buddy Pass is also available through the Rainbow Six Extraction Game Pass release.  

That's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Extraction co-op. Check out everything we know about the Rainbow Six Extraction release date and edition in our guide. 


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