Raikou is coming to Pokemon Sleep, with Entei & Suicune to follow

Raikou is coming to Pokemon Sleep, with Entei & Suicune to follow
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Ben Williams


27th Feb 2024 15:19

All Pocket Monsters need a nap eventually, but Raikou being announced for Pokemon Sleep - with Entei and Suicine joining the game later - is still a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. 

Do we know when Raikou will be in Pokemon Sleep?

Raikou will be coming to Pokemon Sleep as part of a Research Event in March 2024 but no exact date has been confirmed yet.

There's no timeline for when Entei and Suicune will be added to the game afterwards, either, but I'll update this guide as soon as I know more.

Raikou in Pokemon Sleep trailer

Shown during the latest Pokemon Presents stream, Raikou's Pokemon Sleep debut was announced in a cosy-looking trailer.

Starting with the Electric-type Legendary running across the land, a local Trainer and his Pikachu wake up to find Raikou both on the bedroom floor and the Pokemon Sleep app on his phone. 

The phone shot does confirm Raikou brings an Energy-Storing Sleep Style to the game as well; whether it will have any additional Sleep Styles remains to be seen.

The Pokemon Sleep account on X (formerly Twitter) quickly dropped a post asking for Trainers to stay tuned for more information now on how to get Raikou.

So, I'll be sure to add to this guide with that update as well so you're in the know as soon as possible.

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For what else was dropped in the presentation, check out what we know from the new Pokemon Legends: Z-A trailer or what the Pokemon TCG Pocket app is.

Otherwise, jump into our Pokemon Sleep guides & news homepage for more essentials right here at GGRecon. 

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