All Pokemon Sleep recipes & ingredients

All Pokemon Sleep recipes & ingredients
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Pokemon Sleep has a ton of recipes for you to make, and we've got the full list of them here!

It's pretty important to keep Snorlax fed in the sleeping game - not just because he's a hungry fellow, but also because you'll get bonuses for feeding him meals you've made. Scroll down for the full list of recipes, as well as the ingredients you'll need to get your hands on.

Pokemon Sleep recipes explained

You get to make three different meals for Snorlax every day in Pokemon Sleep. These three meals can be made at three separate times during the day:

  • Breakfast (6am - 12pm)
  • Lunch (12pm - 6pm)
  • Dinner (6pm to 12am)

These meals give Snorlax a boost to its Drowsy Power. The ingredients that you'll be using for these meals come from your Pokemon team, who'll forage for different resources throughout the day.

However, make sure you've unlocked 12 sleep types as you won't be able to feed Snorlax and make your own meals until you've done so.

There are three categories of recipes in Pokemon Sleep: Curry, Salad, and Dessert. The type you'll be making depends on what your Snorlax is craving.

All Curry recipes & ingredients

Curry in Pokemon Sleep
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Here's the full list of the Curries you can make in the game, as well as their ingredients:

Recipes Ingredients
Mixed Curry Any mix of random ingredients
Beanburger Curry 7x Bean Sausage
Bulk-Up Bean Curry 12x Greengrass Corn, 6x Bean Sausage, 4x Fiery Herb, 4x Fancy Egg
Dream Eater Butter Curry 18x Soft Potato, 15x Snoozy Tomato, 12x Soothing Cacao, 10x Moomoo Milk
Drought Katsu Curry 10x Bean Sausage, 5x Pure Oil
Egg Bomb Curry 12x Honey, 11x Fancy Apple, 8x Fancy Egg, 4x Soft Potato
Fancy Apple Curry 7x Fancy Apple
Grilled Tail Curry 8x Slowpoke Tail, 25x Fiery Herb
Hearty Cheeseburger Curry 8x Moomoo Milk, 8x Bean Sausage
Inferno Corn Keema Curry 27x Fiery Herb, 24x Bean Sausage, 14x Greengrass Corn, 12x Warming Ginger
Limber Corn Stew 14x Greengrass Corn, 8x Moomoo Milk, 8x Soft Potato
Melty Omelette Curry 10x Fancy Egg, 6x Snoozy Tomato
Mild Honey Curry 7x Honey
Ninja Curry 15x Greengrass Soybeans, 9x Bean Sausage, 9x Large Leek, 5x Tasty Mushroom
Simple Chowder 7x Moomoo Milk
Soft Potato Chowder 10x Moomoo Milk, 8x Soft Potato, 4x Tasty Mushroom
Solar Power Tomato Curry 10x Snoozy Tomato, 5x Fiery Herb
Spicy Leek Curry 14x Large Leek, 10x Warming Ginger, 8x Fiery Herb
Spore Mushroom Curry 14x Tasty Mushroom, 9x Soft Potato

All Salad recipes & ingredients

Salad in Pokemon Sleep
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Here's the full list of Salads you can make for Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep:

Recipes Ingredients
Mixed Salad Any mix of random ingredients
Bean Ham Salad 14x Ham, 9x Fancy Apple
Calm Mind Fruit Salad 21x Fancy Apple, 16x Honey, 12x Greengrass Corn
Contrary Chocolate Meat Salad 14x Soothing Cacao, 9x Bean Sausage
Dazzling Apple Cheese Salad 15x Fancy Apple, 5x Moomoo Milk, 3x Pure Oil
Fancy Apple Salad 8x Fancy Apple
Fury Attack Corn Salad 9x Greengrass Corn, 8x Pure Oil
Gluttony Potato Salad 14x Soft Potato, 9x Fancy Egg, 7x Bean Sausage, 6x Fancy Apple
Greengrass Salad 22x Pure Oil, 17x Greengrass Corn, 14x Snoozy Tomato, 9x Soft Potato
Heat Wave Tofu Salad 6x Fiery Herb, 10x Greengrass Soybeans
Immunity Leek Salad 10x Large Leek, 5x Warming Ginger
Moomoo Caprese Salad 10x Moomoo Milk, 6x Snoozy Tomato, 5x Pure Oil
Ninja Salad 15x Large Leek, 15x Greengrass Soybeans, 12x Tasty Mushrooms, 11x Warming Ginger
Overheat Ginger Salad 17x Fiery Herb, 10x Warming Ginger, 8x Snoozy Tomato
Slowpoke Tail Pepper Salad 10x Slowpoke Tail, 10x Fiery Herb, 15x Pure Oil
Snow Cloak Caesar Salad 10x Moomoo Milk, 6x Bean Sausage
Spore Mushroom Salad 17x Tasty Mushroom, 8x Snoozy Tomato, 8x Pure Oil
Superpower Extreme Salad 9x Bean Sausage, 6x Warming Ginger, 5x Fancy Egg, 3x Soft Potato
Water Veil Tofu Salad 10x Greengrass Soybeans, 6x Snoozy Tomato

All Dessert recipes & ingredients

Dessert in Pokemon Sleep
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Finally, here are the Dessert recipes available in Pokemon Sleep:

Recipes Ingredients
Mixed Juice Any mix of random ingredients
Big Malasada 10x Pure Oil, 7x Moomoo Milk, 6x Honey
Cloud Nine Soy Cake 8x Fancy Egg, 7x Greengrass Soybeans
Craft Soda Pop 9x Honey
Ember Ginger Tea 9x Warming Ginger, 7x Fancy Apple
Fancy Apple Juice 8x Fancy Apple
Fluffy Sweet Potatoes 9x Soft Potato, 5x Moomoo Milk
Huge Power Soy Donuts 9x Pure Oil, 7x Soothing Cacao, 6x Greengrass Soybeans
Hustle Protein Smoothie 15x Greengrass Soybeans, 8x Soothing Cacao
Jigglypuff's Fruity Flan 20x Honey, 15x Fancy Egg, 10x Moomoo Milk, 10x Fancy Apple
Lovely Kiss Smoothie 11x Fancy Apple, 9x Moomoo Milk, 8x Soothing Cacao, 7x Honey
Lucky Chant Apple Pie 12x Fancy Apple, 4x Moomoo Milk
Neroli's Restorative Tea 15x Fancy Apple, 11x Warming Ginger, 9x Tasty Mushroom
Stalwart Vegetable Juice 9x Snoozy Tomato, 7x Fancy Apple
Steadfast Ginger Cookies 14x Honey, 12x Warming Ginger, 5x Soothing Cacao, 4x Fancy Egg
Sweet Scent Chocolate Cake 9x Honey, 8x Soothing Cacao, 7x Moomoo Milk
Teatime Corn Scones 20x Fancy Apple, 20x Warming Ginger, 18x Greengrass Corn
Warm Moomoo Milk 7x Moomoo Milk

That's a lot of recipes! Hopefully this guide helped you out, and hopefully Snorlax enjoys whatever you feed him (I'm sure he will).

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