Pokemon Sleep: Release date, gameplay & Pokemon GO Plus +

Pokemon Sleep: Release date, gameplay & Pokemon GO Plus +
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17th Jul 2023 14:55


It's been quite a while since we saw the announcement for Pokemon Sleep coming this year, making more fans wonder when we might get a release date for the sleep-trackling mobile app.

Thankfully, we've now got the release date, gameplay details, and key information on how to make the most of the new Pokemon GO Plus + accessory.

So, for those wondering when and how they can play Pokemon Sleep to snooze at their very best, read on. 

Pokemon Sleep release date

Using Pokemon Sleep to tracking your sleeping time
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Pokemon Sleep was finally released for iOS and Android devices on July 17, 2023.

It was available first in Australia, Canada, Latin America, and New Zealand according to the game's Twitter, with Pokemon Sleep rolling out into other territories like the US and the UK later on in the month.

The above countries getting the game early was no surprise, given they were used for the open beta the week before. This was also the case for Pokemon GO back in 2016, with Australia and New Zealand often used as an ideal testing ground for launches due to their lower populations.

You can get the app on either the Google Play store or the Apple App store, depending on the mobile device you have.

How do you play Pokemon Sleep?

Pokemon Sleep is an appropriately named sleep-tracking game specifically designed for mobile devices. By placing your phone next to your pillow before you sleep, you'll wake up to a score that's higher the more you sleep - with your sleep time being measured, recorded, and categorised into different sleep types.

As shown in the above "How to Play" video by The Official Pokemon YouTube channel uploaded on July 6, feeding your partnered Snorlax during the day - along with getting a higher Sleep Score - will result in it getting a higher "Drowsy Power". 

With a higher Drowsy Power, you'll then attract more Pokemon to gather and learn their Sleep Styles to fill your Sleep Style Dex. What's more, your Snorlax will grow bigger as time passes so you have more chance to find rare Sleep Styles as well. 

What's more, Pokemon Sleep will provide specific insights into your sleep as well. From the time you went to bed and wake up, time taken to fall asleep, whether you toss and turn like Togepi, or even if you've made noises whilst snoozing - which are recorded and you can play back - Pokemon Sleep will take various factors to figure our your Sleep Type and alter the range of Pokemon which gather the next day.

Pokemon GO Plus + functionality

pokemon sleep release date pokemon go plus+
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Doubling as companion hardware for both Pokemon Sleep as well as Pokemon GO, is the very weirdly named Pokemon GO Plus + accessory - which you can buy right now. Utilising low-energy Bluetooth, you can execute your Pokemon Sleep slumber by pushing the central button and then again when you wake up - to more easily record your sleep data.

The apparently stored Pikachu in a Pokemon GO Plus + will even sing you lullabies, get friendly with you the more sleep you get, and unlock more alarm sounds to wake you up. The Pokemon GO Plus + introduction video also mentions additional functionality for Pokemon GO by utilising your Pokemon Sleep data in the future - although, that's been kept vague for now.

That's all you need to know about the Pokemon Sleep release window, gameplay, and Pokemon GO Plus + functionality. 

For even more Pokemon Sleep guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon.

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