Pokemon Sleep Research Community, all closeness rewards & how to add friends

Pokemon Sleep Research Community, all closeness rewards & how to add friends
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Coleman Hamstead


2nd Nov 2023 10:50


While browsing the Main Menu of Pokemon Sleep, you've probably spotted the Research Community.

While most other features in Pokemon Sleep are relatively self-explanatory, the Research Community is just empty space if you don't know how to use it.

This guide explains how the Research Community works in the sleep-tracking app from The Pokemon Company and how to use it to get free Candy and other goodies!

What is the Research Community in Pokemon Sleep?

The Research Community in Pokemon Sleep
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The Research Community in Pokemon Sleep is where you go to add friends and view their sleep research reports. To access the Research Community, open the Main Menu and select Research Community under Features.

Sleep research reports from friends include information such as your friend's Sleep Score, Drowsy Power, Sleep Type, what Research Area they're at, and what Helper Team they're deploying. Sleep Research reports are a cool way to check up on friends and see what kind of Sleep Styles they are studying!

How to find and add friends in Pokemon Sleep

Different ways to add friends in Pokemon Sleep
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The Research Community is useless without some friends! Use the buttons in the top right-hand corner of the Research Community to add and view your friends. You can have up to 50 friends added at a time in Pokemon Sleep.

Short on friends? Post your Friend Code on Pokemon Sleep Friends, the Friend Codes Channel in the Pokemon Sleep Discord server, and/or in the Friend Code Megathread on the Pokemon Sleep subreddit, and you'll have friend requests in no time!

The saying, "the more the merrier", certainly applies to the Research Community in Pokemon Sleep. Every day, you can view recently arrived research from your friends to receive a piece of Candy for the species of Pokemon that was the focal point of their report. With 50 active friends, that's 50 extra pieces of Candy you can get for free daily!

But that's only the beginning of what friendship can net you in Pokemon Sleep…

All closeness level rewards in Pokemon Sleep Research Community

Receiving a research report from a friend in Pokemon Sleep
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Every time you view a friend's sleep research report, your closeness with that friend will increase incrementally. And whenever your closeness level increases, you'll receive Premium Items like Handy Candy and Ingredient Tickets!

Below is a list of all the rewards you can collect by increasing your closeness level with a particular friend:

  • Level 1: Handy Candy S x1
  • Level 2: Ingredient Ticket S x1
  • Level 3: Linking Cord x1
  • Level 4: Ingredient Ticket S x2
  • Level 5: Handy Candy S x2

Rumour has it that a future update will allow us to get even closer to our friends, which means additional treats!

The Research Community is an underrated aspect of Pokemon Sleep. Checking in with your friends daily will land you tons of free Candy for various species of Pokemon, and if you stay friends for a while and increase your closeness level, you'll get bonus rewards like Handy Candy and Ingredient Tickets.

Use the Research Community to your advantage to level up your Helper Pokemon fast, increase your Snorlax's Strength, and ultimately, register all the Sleep Styles in Pokemon Sleep!

Check out our Pokemon Sleep homepage to learn more about how to better your experience in Pokemon Sleep.

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