Best Lapras build in Pokemon UNITE: Moveset, items & more

Best Lapras build in Pokemon UNITE: Moveset, items & more
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13th Apr 2023 08:34

The Lapras Pokemon UNITE debut has arrived. The Ice/Water Kanto Pokemon, rides the wave of Defenders coming to the popular MOBA. Whether you want to come crashing down on your opponents, or just go with the flow, this versatile Defender can do it all.

Here’s everything you need to know about Lapras’ best build in Pokemon UNITE - including moveset, items and playstyle.

Laprs Pokemon UNITE best build: Moveset

lapras pokemon unite best build moveset
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The two best moves for a best Lapras Pokemon UNITE build are Bubble Beam and Perish Song - ideal for a defensive set-up.

Bubble Beam shields Lapras and sprays bubbles that can damage and stun opponents.

Perish Song takes some skill to pull off but is immensely satisfying in group skirmishes. This wide-range melody can be used up to three times consecutively within its cooldown.

Any opponents that take all three hits will be dealt additional damage. If they take this additional damage and their HP is below a set per cent of their max HP, they will be knocked out automatically.

By pairing the stun ability of Bubble Beam and the damage output of Perish Song, you can pick up some nasty combos that can devastate entire teams. 

From my experimentation in the beta, Perish Song + leads to some fluid boost basic attack combos that can be pretty devastating in brawls.

Lapras Express

Lapras’ UNITE move, Lapras Express, will also take carrying your team to a whole new level.

In a fantastic callback to Lapras’ role in the anime, this UNITE move lets Lapras catch a wave, damaging any opponents in its path. Best of all, you can pick a nearby ally to ride on your back, which offers you loads of utility options.

How about a travelling Decidueye UNITE? Will you save the day by rescuing your teammates from an unfair group fight? Transport them to objectives so they can deliver the final blow? Pick them up on the way to a goal? Honestly, I love this.

Pokemon UNITE Lapras best build: Items

lapras pokemon unite best build items
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The current meta choice for Lapras looks to increase its Defences.

For a Held Item, you should go with X Speed or an Eject Button to give Lapras extra mobility and reposition so your moves hit.

For Battle Items, you should pick:

  • Rocky Helmet - to increase Physical Defence and boost HP. Its passive-retaliation damage equals (3/4/5)% of the holder's max HP, which pairs nicely with Lapras' tankiness.
  • Assault Vest - increases Lapras' resistance against Special Attack damage and HP via a shield.
  • Focus Band - Increases Defences and improves Lapras' overall durability

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Lapras Pokemon UNITE: Extra info




With the bulky Goodra entering the fray earlier this month, defender mains are eating good right now. Just like Goodra, Lapras has high Special Defense, Defense, and HP stats and a HP restoration mechanic to its boosted basic attacks that can keep it in the game for longer. 

Its passive ability - Shell Armor - only improves its tankiness. This passive will let it take damage from a single attack that exceeds a set percentage of its max HP, reducing the damage it takes.

Lapras can also freeze their enemies in their path, reducing their movement speed by a set per cent. Pairing up with a ranged Attacker like Espeon or Sylveon can help to dominate the early-game lanes and help them to reach their level 4 power spike quicker.

That's all you need to know about the best Lapras Pokemon UNITE build.

For even more Pokemon UNITE guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon.



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