Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Region: Everything We Know About Paldea

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Region: Everything We Know About Paldea
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18th Nov 2022 10:00

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Region has been properly revealed to us ahead of the launch of the games. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet look set to take the mainline Pokemon games in new directions, but most staples of the series are going nowhere. A perfect example is the brand new region of Paldea, as each main Pokemon game has its own. Here is everything we know so far about the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet region.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Region: What It Is Based On

A Pokemon trainer looking out over the region from the top of a stone tower.
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Like the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet region, most of the regions in the Pokemon series have been based on real-life locations. The regions of the early games were based in Japan, but before long the games began to branch out. We have seen regions such as Kalos which took inspiration from France, Alola which was based on Hawaii, and Pokemon Sword and Shield took us to Galar, Pokemon's take on Britain. Most recently, Pokemon Legends Arceus brought us the Hisui region, a version of the Sinnoh region based on Feudal Japan.

With the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet region, Paldea, the inspiration is pretty clear. Even from early teasers, there was evidence to suggest that this new region was based on Spain and Portugal, also known as the Iberian Peninsula. From the plants to the architecture, to the clothing and most clearly the Spanish-inspired names of new Pokemon, it is clear that Paldea is based in southwest Europe.

That said, regardless of real-life inspiration, every Pokemon region tends to have a wide variety of weather and terrain, so as not to leave any Fire Pokemon caught in the rain or Ice Pokemon stuck in the desert. As such, expect to find some weather and features you would not typically associate with Spain or Portugal.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Region: What's New In Paldea?

A trainer flying over the region from the back of their Pokemon
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With every new generation of Pokemon comes new features. Like the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet region Paldea, maps change to accommodate them. Pokemon Sword and Shield brought more of an open nature to the series, and so the Galar region had wide open areas for players to explore. With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the series is going fully open-world. This is likely to make Paldea the most challenging region the developers have ever had to create.

We know so far that a central feature of this region is a prestigious academy that the player will attend. From there, the game opens up quite a bit. You have the standard gym badges to collect from eight gyms across the region, but there is no longer a set order for you to complete them. So it would seem that from fairly early on, players will be able to explore the Paldea region to their heart's content.

Using the legendary Pokemon from the cover, Koraidon and Miraidon, players can climb cliffs, traverse water, and fly through the sky. So not only will Paldea be the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet region that players can explore at their own pace, but also from every angle imaginable.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Region: The Paldea Pokedex

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We can expect around 100 new Pokemon to catch exclusive to The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet region Paldea. This is out of a total of 400 Pokemon in the National Pokedex. As such, we can expect areas of grass and trees, areas with lakes or rivers, coasts, cliffs, icy mountains and maybe a volcano or two.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Region: A New Take on Gyms / Elite Four

As much as these new games are clearly big steps in a new direction, Game Freak has been very clear that they have done everything they can to keep these games true to the core of Pokemon. As mentioned, there are 8 gym badges to earn in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet region Paldea.

Players can tackle the gyms in any order they like a la Breath of the Wild, but they don't scale. Here's a full list of gyms to tackle from weakest to strongest followed by the Elite Four. We'd recommend tackling the lower-level gyms early on in the game to get a challenge from them:

1: Cortondo

Gym Leader Katy
Gym Specialty Bug-type
Pokémon Nymble Lv.14 (Bug)
Tarountula Lv.14 (Bug)
Teddiursa Lv.15 (Normal/Bug-Tera)
Recommended Types Fire, Flying, Rock

2: Artazon

Gym Leader Brassius
Gym Specialty Grass-type
Pokémon Petilil Lv.16 (Grass)
Smoliv Lv. 16 (Grass/Normal)
Sudowoodo Lv.17 (Rock/Grass-Tera)
Recommended Types Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison

3: Levincia

Gym Leader Iono
Gym Specialty Electric-type
Pokémon Wattrel Lv.23 (Electric/Flying)
Bellibolt Lv.23 (Electric)
Luxio Lv.23 (Electric)
Mismagius (Ghost/Electric-Tera)
Recommended Types Ground, Ice, Rock

4: Cascarrafa

Gym Leader Kofu
Gym Specialty Water-type
Pokémon Veluza Lv.29 (Water/Psychic)
Wugtrio Lv.29 (Water)
Crabominable (Fighting/Ice/Water-Tera)
Recommended Types Electric, Grass, Bug, Dark, Ghost

5: Medali

Gym Leader Larry
Gym Specialty Normal-type
Pokémon Komala Lv.35 (Normal)
Dudunsparce Lv.34 (Normal)
Staraptor Lv.36 (Flying/Normal-Tera)
Recommended Types Fighting

6: Montenevera

Gym Leader Ryme
Gym Specialty Ghost-type
Pokémon Mimikyu Lv.41 (Ghost/Fairy)
Banette Lv.41 (Ghost)
Houndstone Lv.41 (Ghost)
Toxtricity Lv.42 (Electric/Poison/Ghost-Tera)
Recommended Types Ghost, Dark, Steel

7: Alfornada

Gym Leader Tulip
Gym Specialty Psychic-type
Pokémon Farigiraf Lv.44 (Normal/Psychic)
Esparthra Lv.44 (Psychic)
Gardevoir Lv.44 (Psychic/Fairy)
Florges (Fairy/Psychic-Tera)
Recommended Types Bug, Dark, Ghost, Poison, Steel

8: Glaseado

Gym Leader Grusha
Gym Specialty Ice-type
Pokémon Frostmoth Lv.47 (Ice/Bug)
Beartic Lv.47 (Ice)
Cetitan Lv.47 (Ice)
Altaria Lv.48 (Dragon/Flying/Ice-Tera)
Recommended Types Fire, Rock, Fighting, Steel, Flying

Elite Four

1: Rika

Elite Four Specialty Ground-type
Pokémon Whiscash Lv.57 (Water/Ground)
Donphan Lv.57 (Ground)
Dugtrio Lv.57 (Ground)
Camerupt Lv.57 (Fire/Ground)
Clodsire Lv.58 (Poison/Ground-Tera)
Recommended Types Grass, Water, Ice, Ground

2: Poppy

Elite Four Specialty Steel-type
Pokémon Copperajah Lv.58 (Steel)
Bronzong Lv.58 (Steel/Psychic)
Corviknight Lv.58 (Flying/Steel)
Magnezone Lv.58 (Electric/Steel)
Tinkaton Lv.59 (Fairy/Steel-Tera)
Recommended Types Fire, Fighting, Ground, Dark, Ghost

3: Larry

Elite Four Specialty Flying-type
Pokémon Tropius Lv.59 (Grass/Flying)
Oricorio Lv.59 (Fire/Flying)
Altaria Lv.59 (Dragon/Flying)
Staraptor Lv.59 (Steel/Flying)
Flamigo Lv.60 (Fighting/Flying-Tera)
Recommended Types Rock, Electric, Ice, Dragon, Flying, Poison

4: Hassel

Elite Four Specialty Dragon-type
Pokémon Noivern Lv.60 (Flying/Dragon)
Dragalge Lv.60 (Poison/Dragon)
Flapple Lv.60 (Grass/Dragon)
Haxorus Lv.60 (Dragon)
Baxcalibur Lv.61 (Ice/Dragon-Tera)
Recommended Types Ice, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Rock, Psychic

5: Geeta (Champion)

Gym Specialty Various types
Pokémon Espathra Lv.61 (Psychic)
Kingambit Lv.61 (Dark/Steel)
Gogoat Lv.61 (Grass)
Avalugg Lv.61 (Ice)
Veluza Lv.61 (Water/Psychic)
Glimmora Lv.62 (Poison/Rock-Tera)
Recommended Types Bug, Fighting, Dark, Fire, Ghost, Ground

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Region: Settlements and Landmarks

There's a total of 12 settlements in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet region Paldea, which contain everything from shops to gyms:

  • Cabo Poco
  • Los Platos
  • Mesagoza
  • Cortondo
  • Artazon
  • Levincia
  • Cascarrafa
  • Medali
  • Montenevera
  • Porto Marinada
  • Alfornada
  • Zapapico

There are plenty of landmarks and points of interest within the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet region Paldea too:

  • Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV
  • Poco Path
  • Inlet Grotto
  • East Paldean Sea
  • West Paldean Sea
  • North Paldean Sea
  • South Province
  • South Province (Area One)
  • South Province (Area Two)
  • South Province (Area Three)
  • South Province (Area Four)
  • South Province (Area Five)
  • South Province (Area Six)
  • East Province
  • East Province (Area One)
  • East Province (Area Two)
  • East Province (Area Three)
  • West Province
  • West Province (Area One)
  • West Province (Area Two)
  • West Province (Area Three)
  • North Province
  • North Province (Area One)
  • North Province (Area Two)
  • North Province (Area Three)
  • Asado Desert
  • Tagtree Thicket
  • Casseroya Lake
  • Glaseado Mountain
  • The Great Crater of Paldea

That is everything we know so far about the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet region, Paldea. For more on the game, check out our breakdown of the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Terastral Pokemon.

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