Plumehound Pilgrimage quest guide in Palia

Plumehound Pilgrimage quest guide in Palia
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10th Oct 2023 13:38


Here’s a rundown of how to complete the Plumehound Pilgrimage quest in Palia, including how to find Tau’s trail and all Flowstone locations in the game.

The Plumehound Pilgrimage quest in Palia will be triggered when you receive a cryptic letter in the mail from Hassian, explaining that he needs help tracking down Tau, everyone’s favorite good boy pooch.

As the events unfold, you’ll uncover new ruins and the underground market to explore in the game.

Read here to learn more about the quest, how to unlock the underground market, and all Flowstone locations.

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How to start the Plumehound Pilgrimage quest

Screenshot of where to find Tau’s trail in Palia
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To start the Plumehound Pilgrimage quest in Palia, you must search the Bahari Bay area for Tau’s trail. Make sure you’re on the correct map, then bring it up and head towards the marker near the Flooded Fortress.

From personal experience, I found luck picking up Tau’s trail directly west of the Flooded Steps (indicated via the image above). Whenever you find his pawprints, make sure to follow them through the Flooded Fortress until you end up outside the door to a set of ancient ruins.

Screenshot of the Ancient Ruins in Palia, found from following Tau's trail
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Here, you will find one last pile left by Tau, which contains a Flickering Flow Battery, as indicated above. The next step of the quest is to bring the battery to Sifuu, to see if there’s a way to fix it and open the door of the ruins.

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How to fix the Flickering Flow Battery

Screenshot of the Flickering Flow Battery in Palia
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Speak to Sifuu, who will direct you to Zeki and tell you that the battery is possibly magic and will require more to fix. To repair the Flickering Flow Battery, you’ll need to speak with Zeki in his underground market.

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How to unlock Zeki’s underground market

Screenshot of where to find Zeki’s underground market in Palia
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To gain access to the underground market, you’ll need to first go to the sewer behind the Remembrance Garden at night.

The location is mapped out in the image above. To find it, travel to the Remembrance Garden, directly south of Kilima Village. From the main entrance walk around to the back of the garden, drop off the cliff, and the sewer entrance will be at the base of the cliff, on the coast.

This is one of two entrances to the underground, the other being through the backroom of Zeki’s shop.

Palia screenshot of Zeki’s underground market
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Remember to meet Zeki in the underground at night, otherwise, the quest will flit between objectives. Zeki will usually turn up near the cash register around 9 p.m. You’ll need to hand the quest into him whilst in the underground to progress.

Once you’ve handed in the quest, you’ll be able to access the underground via the sewers or from the bookshelf in Zeki’s backroom.

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How to find all the Flowstones in Palia

Screenshot of all Flowstone locations in Palia
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Zeki reveals that to recharge the Flow Battery, you’ll need a bunch of Flow stones, luckily, he has stashed a few away within Pavel Mines in Bahari Bay.

The Flowstones are located in the following areas inside the mines:

  • 1 - The first Flowstone is located immediately within the main entrance of the mines, slightly to the right
  • 2 - From the entrance, go through the chamber to the left and follow the passage around until you come into a cavern space where a Flowstone is located next to some barrels
  • Continue straight ahead into the next passageway and follow it around. You’ll reach another open space, with an overlook to the cavern underneath. Drop down to the lower level, a walk towards the lake.
  • 3 - The third stone will be on the rocks to the left of the lake
  • 4 - Turn right and head out of the passage here, this will lead to another entrance into the mines and another Flowstone
  • 5 - For the last Flowstone, you’ll need to travel to the highest mine entrance, drop down two levels with your glider and the stone should be next to some barrels.

Now you have all five Flowstones, meet with Zeki again in the underground market at night (from 9 PM onwards).

Zeki will convert the Flowstones into Runefuel and power up the battery. Now, speak to Sifuu to hand in the quest and begin ‘A Catalyzing Caper’, where you will finally be able to access the ancient ruins.

That rounds off our guide to everything you need to know about the Plumehound Pilgrimage quest in Palia including how to find Tau’s tracks and all Flowstone locations. For more Palia tips and tricks, check out our main Palia page or see our guide to getting Silver Ore in the game.

Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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