How to fish in Palia and all the best fishing tips

How to fish in Palia and all the best fishing tips
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Learning how to fish in Palia and how to unlock bait in the game can be a great way to earn money early on, you may also need to fish in Palia to give villagers their favourite gifts or fulfil weekly wants.

Although the Palia equips you with a fishing rod early, it doesn’t exactly tell you how fishing works in the game.

Read below to learn how to fish in Palia and the best ways to catch star-quality fish. We'll also explain the different types of bait, how to unlock them, and rod upgrades.

How do you fish?

Einar will gift you a basic fishing rod in your mailbox within the first in-game day. The easiest way to get to grips with fishing in Palia is to visit a large body of water; a great place to start is around the Fisherman's Lagoon area (northeast on the map) where Einar is usually found.

In-game Palia screenshot of Einar, the fishing NPC
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Then follow these steps:

  • Once you have collected the rod, equip it by holding down the R key and selecting it from the wheel of tools
  • Now, either cast your rod (left-click) into the water or target bubble ripples for an increased chance at a gold star-quality fish
  • Hold left-click and release once you have found the spot you want the rod to land
  • You'll see a blue indicator to show where the rod will go in the water, you can adjust this by moving around before you let go to line up the perfect cast

In-game Palia screenshot of a fishing ripple
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  • The trick here is to wait. Your bobber will sink a few times but keep your cool and keep the rod in the water. When it's time to left-click and get the fish, ripples will form around your rod, and you'll hear a musical cue

In-game Palia screenshot showing how to reel in a fish
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  • Once a fish bites, left-click to reel it in. The trick is to move the rod left and right to keep the fish within the green lines. There is a meter at the bottom of the screen which will fill up with green if you keep the fish within the lines
  • If the meter dips down, and you fail to keep the fish within the green lines, you will lose the fish

  • Check out our guide to the best Palia gold farm locations and make money faster in the game

How to get rare fish

As mentioned, you can get better quality fish by casting into bubble ripples in the water. You can also get rarer fish by applying bait to your rod.

There are two types of bait in Palia, Worm Bait, and Glow Worm Bait, which will further increase your odds of getting rare and exotic fish.

In-game Palia screenshot of Einar's shop
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To get both types of bait, you'll need to purchase Worm Farms from Einar. You will unlock Einar's shop once you fish ten times. Einar will leave you a message in the mail to come see them, during which they will open trade with you.

The Worm Bait is unlocked after buying the Worm Farm recipe from Einar for 500 gold, but you will also need fishing level four first.

The recipe for the Glow Worm Farm costs 2,000 gold from Einar and requires fishing level seven, plus you must have already unlocked the standard Worm Farm.

You can also buy rod upgrades and Glow Worm bait directly, but this will require fishing level ten and Fishing Medals to do so.

How to sell and place fish

You can sell your hard-earned fish at the general store in town, or by placing them in the large shipping bin outside of your home plot.

In-game Palia screenshot of the Shipping Bin and a placed fish
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If you choose the shipping bin, you won't receive your coins until the next in-game day, but the bonus to this option is that the bin will take any goods, unlike the stores in town.

You can also place fish on your lot by entering the build menu (H Key). Once you place a fish from your inventory down, it will appear as a little tank decoration for your home.

That rounds off our guide to everything you need to know about fishing in Palia. For more tips and tricks in the game including all romance options in the game, check out our Palia page, here at GGRecon.

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