Palia gardening guide: Best crops, layout, tool upgrades & more to make money fast

Palia gardening guide: Best crops, layout, tool upgrades & more to make money fast
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Gardening in Palia can be a bit of a minefield when trying to determine the best crops to sell for gold, the optimal crop layouts, how to upgrade gardening tools and more.

The gardening system in Palia is in-depth and each crop provides different buffs and bonuses.

As such, we've produced a thorough Palia gardening guide to provide you with all the information you need to know before transforming your home lot into a mass of soil, veg and fertilizer in the game.

Read below for our rundown and carve up a Palian empire from gardening crops.

How to grow crops in Palia

Screenshot showing how to plant seeds in Palia
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You'll receive two soil patches from Badruu early in the game, as well as a watering can and hoe.

Each soil patch is a basic 3x3 plot that can hold up to nine crops at once. To plant crops, follow these steps:

  • Select your Hoe tool (press the R key), then hold down left-click and move around to unveil a darker square patch of land within the soil
  • Next, select your seeds via the bar in the bottom right corner of the screen, and scroll to cycle through your backpack until you see the seeds you want from your inventory
  • Once selected, left-click and the game will offer an outline of the plant. You can move your mouse around and left-click again to confirm where you wish to plant it
  • Once planted, select your watering can via the tool wheel (R key), left-slick and angle the stream of water to your crops. Hold the position until the water meter fills up
  • You'll need to check up on crops and re-water them each in-game day which begins at 6 AM. Make sure you water them before the next day to see them grow. Different crops will take a different number of days to mature

  • For more Palia tips and tricks, check out our guide on where to find Fabric in Palia

Where to get seeds: All crop prices, special properties & harvest times

Screenshot showing where to get seeds in Palia: General store stock
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You can buy seeds from the General Store in town, owned by Zeki. Certain high-value seeds like Apple and Blueberry seeds are unlocked upon achieving level ten of the gardening skill.

You can also get seeds from a Seed Collector, the recipe of which is unlocked from Badruu upon completing gardening level two.

You'll also notice that different plants have different properties, some can increase the yield or growth rate of neighbouring crops meaning you'll want to make sure you have a good grid system of crops laid out.

The following seeds cost these base prices to buy and sell once grown, the selling price of crops increases the higher quality they are:


Seed price

Crop selling price

Special properties for neighbouring crops

Days until harvest


15 gold

23 gold

34 for a star quality

Prevents weeds

3 days


20 gold

30 gold

45 for a star quality

Prevents weeds

4 days


40 gold

45 gold

67 for a star quality

Retains water

5 days


40 gold

67 gold

34 for a star quality

Increases quality

5 days


80 gold

34 gold

34 for a star quality

Multiple harvests and retains water

4 days (2 for every harvest afterwards)


25 gold

49 gold

34 for a star quality

Increases yield

4 days


23 gold

40 gold

34 for a star quality

Increases yield

3 days


45 Gardening Medals

39 gold

58 for a star quality

Multiple harvests and a faster-growing rate

9 days (3 for every harvest afterwards)


280 Gardening Medals

64 gold

96 for a star quality

Multiple harvests and a faster-growing rate

12 days (6 for every harvest afterwards)

The best crops to grow for money in Palia

Screenshot showing planting tomato seeds in Palia: The best crop to grow for money
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Although apples and blueberries are technically the most profitable crops, they require gardening level ten to unlock which will take some time in-game.

Luckily, tomatoes are a great alternative, especially if you're looking to increase your gardening level early on in the game.

Although tomatoes can be overlooked for their high seed price, the fact that you can yield multiple harvests which only take 2 days in between means you can quickly wrack up a profit.

Best crop layout in Palia

Screenshot showing a crop layout in Palia
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Gardening in Palia is much more intensive than in other RPGs. With each plant having different special qualities, establishing an effective grid system layout is important if you want to make the most out of your gardening space.

There are several grid layouts available via the community Reddit forum, most agree that the optimal layout should include rows of four species of crops that give two different bonuses as a crop cannot benefit from its own property.

If you're struggling to find a grid you like and want to try to make one of your own, user .aisen has created a Palia garden planner, complete with grid layout and droppable crops which automatically calculate the value of each crop's special properties.

How to upgrade gardening tools in Palia

Screenshot of Baldruu's store in Palia, where you can get tool upgrades
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Gardening tools can be upgraded by purchasing recipes from Badruu upon completing the following gardening levels (you will need gardening level two to access the store):

  • Standard Hoe: Gardening level four
  • Fine Hoe: Gardening level seven
  • Exquisite Hoe: Gardening level nine
  • Standard Watering Can: Gardening level three
  • Fine Watering Can: Gardening level six
  • Exquisite Watering Can: Gardening level nine

Most of these recipes require access to refined materials, so you'll want to make sure you're also levelling up your mining skills to unlock recipes for better Smelters from Hodari.

  • Many of the tool upgrades will require special materials like Pallium Ore. Check out our guide to getting Palium Ore in the game for more information

Where to get Fertilizer and Soil in Palia

Screenshot of Einar's shop in Palia, where you can buy a Worm Farm
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You can also purchase Soil Plots from Badruu, each plot will increase in price for a maximum of nine plots in total allowed on your lot.

Fertilizer can be crafted after purchasing the recipe from Badruu and is a good way to increase your chances of producing star-quality crops which are worth more.

Alternatively, you can get fertilizer as a by-product from the Worm Farm, needed for better-quality fishing, or from purchasing it directly from the gardening store or general store in town.

There are several different types of fertilizer in the game, with differing properties, these are:

  • QualityUp Fertilizer – an increased chance for star-quality crops
  • HarvestBoost Fertilizer – an increased chance for multiple crop harvests
  • SpeedyGro Fertilizer – reduces growing time
  • WeedBlock Fertilizer –prevents weeds
  • HydratePro Fertilizer – an increased chance for water retention, won't need to water crops the next day

That wraps up our rundown of everything you need to know about gardening in Palia. Check out our guide to the best Palia gold farm locations and make money faster in the game if you want to move on from crops, or visit our Palia page for even more Palia tips and tricks.

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