How to complete the Magical Mystery Machine quest in Palia

How to complete the Magical Mystery Machine quest in Palia
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12th Oct 2023 16:49


The Magical Mystery Machine quest in Palia is given once the player reaches friendship level three with Zeki - but how do you complete it?

The Palia quest will entail finding the correct metal bars and glowing fish or bug to complete a curious new invention of Zeki’s.

The Grimalkin is up to his old tricks, tinkering with a new invention but he needs some final materials to make it safe for use.

To find out how to complete the Magical Mystery Machine quest in the game and which metal, bugs, and fish you need, keep reading for our full explainer below.

What metal bar do you need for the Palia's Magical Mystery Machine quest?

For the first part of the Magical Mystery Machine quest in Palia, you’ll need to bring the correct type of Metal Bar to Zeki whilst he tinkers with his machine, which is an Iron Bar.

Once you speak to Zeki with an Iron Bar in your inventory he will confirm this, and you’ll need to bring him a total of five Iron Bars. Each Iron Bar is made from five pieces of Iron Ore, which can be mined in Bahari Bay from nodes on or at the top of cliffs or within Pavel Mines.

Now you have passed five bars to Zeki, simply wait an in-game day to hear back from Zeki in the mail with the next steps.

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What type of glowy fish & bugs do you need?

Screenshot of how to get a Paper Lantern Bug in Palia, needed in the Magical Mystery Machine quest
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Now Zeki has the barebones of the machine, he needs some magical energy to spark it to life. He asks you to give him a glowing fish or bug - but make note that Glowing Worms will not be accepted.

The following glowing critters will be accepted to complete the task:

  • Paper Lantern Bug
  • Bahari Glowbug
  • Energized Piranha
  • Enchanted Pupfish

From personal experience, I would suggest going for the Lantern Bug from the ones listed above. The Lantern Bug is by far the easiest to acquire of the three and can be caught within the Bahari Bay map, during the evening hours (6 PM to 3 AM).

The bug is classed as common, so you’ll be able to find plenty of the glowing, blue bugs around the forests and coastlines of Bahari Bay - and you don’t need an upgraded Belt to catch them.

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Magical Mystery Machine quest rewards

Screenshot of Zeki's friendship meter in Palia
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Once you have given the glowing item to Zeki, he will ask you to help him test his machine. Secrecy now gone, the machine is revealed to be a Douplifier, which will essentially double anything that is placed inside it. The quest will be complete and you will receive the following rewards:

  • Star-quality Golden Salmon
  • 600 Gold
  • 25 Renown
  • Increased friendship with Zeki
  • Apple Tree Seed x2
  • Zeki’s Key
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That rounds off our guide to everything you need to know to complete the Magical Mystery Machine quest in Palia. For more Palia tips and tricks, check out our guide to getting Silver Ore in the game, or refer back to our main Palia homepage.

Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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