How To Unlock Cooking In One Piece Odyssey

How To Unlock Cooking In One Piece Odyssey
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17th Jan 2023 17:30

If you've ever watched One Piece, you know that Luffy is always on the hunt for food. It's become a running joke and even one that has translated over to One Piece Odyssey for comedic effect. But despite its comical tones, it actually serves a further use when playing the game.

For the latest game adaptation, things are no different as players are able to cook meals as one of the many in-game mechanics. Whether you want to have a snack to help tide you over, or a full-on meal to increase your party's attributes, here's how to unlock cooking in One Piece Odyssey.

How To Unlock Cooking In One Piece Odyssey

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As with everything in One Piece Odyssey, things take time. It can be a good dozen or so hours until you have everything the game has to offer, and even then, there is still room for curveballs to be thrown your way. Unfortunately, if you're looking to dive into cooking, it doesn't come too early into the game.

In order to unlock it, players will need to venture quite a way into Chapter 2, when the party is in Alabasta. After completing some objectives around town, you'll finally be making your way out into the desert. But this is One Piece Odyssey, and the game likes to pad out your objectives as far as it can.

Before you venture out, you'll need some food and water, and to get that, you'll have to prove to the local Spice Bean Tavern that you can craft a better soup than him. For this, you'll need Sandy Shells and Scorpion Legs. Here's where to find both of these in One Piece Odyssey:

  • Sandy Shell: Can be found on the beach near the ship, Merry. Simply use Sanji's ability to detect rare ingredients to find it.
  • Scorpion Legs: Whilst you won't be able to venture too far out into the desert, you can pop out a little bit. Here, you'll find Scorpions roaming around. Simply defeat one and receive a Scorpion Leg in exchange.

With both of these ingredients, return to the Spice Bean Tavern and hand them over. Once done, you'll be instructed to speak to the barkeeper, who will allow you to cook recipes. As you'll notice, these provide buffs and resistances for your team, so it's ideal to keep an eye on crafting these.

After this has been completed and you're allowed to explore the desert even further, you will now be able to cook recipes at camp in One Piece Odyssey.

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