How To Unlock Side Quests In One Piece Odyssey

How To Unlock Side Quests In One Piece Odyssey
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17th Jan 2023 17:09

One Piece Odyssey doesn’t just take you on a globe-trotting adventure, but it also falls into all the usual JRPG trappings you can imagine. Having a party to manage, turn-based combat, and of course, a barrage of quests to complete alongside the main storyline.

While it may take a while for things to kick in, One Piece Odyssey has a surprising amount of content to dive into outside of its main quest line. From side quests to Bounty Hunts, after a few hours, you’ll have an extensive checklist of things to do. If you want to learn everything about them, here’s what you need to know.

What Are Side Quests, Bounty Hunts, And Memory Links In One Piece Odyssey

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Most of what you do on the side in One Piece Odyssey is split into two halves. The major component is side quests, or as they're known here, side stories. These are small diversions that will introduce you to a wider range of characters in the One Piece universe, whilst also giving you more opportunities to gain XP and materials.

Alternatively, you’ll be introduced to Bounty Hunts, which are enemies you’ll have to track down in the world and face. Your rewards for completing these come in the form of cash, which in turn, you can use to buy new materials and buff your team.

Finally, you’ll also come across Memory Links. These are unique instances where you’ll complete a quest with your party in a unique area. After doing so, you will find that the reward will gift you a special attack for certain members of your party to use in battle.

How To Unlock Side Quests In One Piece Odyssey

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Side quests will come to you naturally in One Piece Odyssey, but you’ll have to follow the main story for a fair bit before they’re made available. To be exact, they unlock in the earlier half of Chapter 2.

Once you’ve made your way into Alabasta and completed the main story up until you unlock the gate with a key, you can begin completing side quests. These will be easily identifiable on your map under the guise of blue markers. If you want to see if you’re missing any, check the side quests tab in your log, and if it's filled in with question marks, keep trying to hunt it down.

How To Unlock Bounty Hunts In One Piece Odyssey

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Bounty Hunts open up at the same time as side quests, but you’ll need to do a prerequisite in order to begin tackling them. After unlocking the gate in Alabasta, you’ll be introduced to two side quests. To unlock Bounty Hunts, you’ll want to complete “Mediator Marzin's Quest“.

Speak to the man in the right corner of the main courtyard and he’ll inform you about Bounty Hunts, including where to obtain them. After completing this first quest, the notice board will fill up with Bounty Hunts, along with any others you may stumble across in your journey.

How To Unlock Memory Links In One Piece Odyssey

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The final, and last, form of side quest you’ll encounter are Memory Links. As with most things in One Piece Odyssey, they’ll be unlocked via story progression, but if you’re wondering when that will be, it’s also in Chapter 2 along with side quests and Bounty Hunts.

Memory Links happen a little later on when you enter Hysteria. After completing this quest objective, a further 13 locations will be available for you to find in the world of One Piece Odyssey, each offering new attacks for you to use in fights.

And with that, you should know everything needed to unlock all of the side content in One Piece Odyssey. As you venture further, more and more side quests will unlock, so be sure to check your journal periodically for more adventures!

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