Does One Piece Odyssey Include An English Dub?

Does One Piece Odyssey Include An English Dub?
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12th Jan 2023 10:39

With any Japanese release, there are always a group of players who wish for an English dub of the game. It’s understandable, and developers are making it more readily available for western audiences. Whilst, there will be a minority who are utterly opposed to it happening, there’s no denying it has its uses.

In comes One Piece Odyssey, the latest JRPG which is looking to be a big hitter in the west. The anime is making strides at delivering quality English dub, but the games themselves have been severely lacking in recent years. With such a momentous release to celebrate the manga’s 25th anniversary, the question on everyone’s minds is whether One Piece Odyssey will include an English dub alongside its Japanese voice work. Let’s find out!

Does One Piece Odyssey Include An English Dub?

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One Piece Odyssey marks the 25th anniversary of the franchise, and this huge open-world adventure takes players on a trip down nostalgia lane. With all the excitement surrounding its release, fans of the series - particularly those who have gravitated towards the dubbed version - are eager to know if an English dub will be included.

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no. Having played One Piece Odyssey ourselves, we can confirm there is no English dub within the game. If you’re wanting to embark on this adventure, you will have to embrace the traditional Japanese voice acting throughout.

In fact, English dubbing in One Piece games has been a thing of the past since One Piece: Unlimited Adventure on the Nintendo Wii back in 2008. Since then, each game has gone down the route of including the traditional Japanese dialogue, rather than translating it vocally for the west.

Back in 2015, during the release of One Piece: Burning Blood, series producer Koji Nakajima and the game’s director Hiroyuki Kaneko both spoke to PlayStation Lifestyle. During the interview, it was claimed the reason the games pivoted away from English dubbing is that they “want to produce the original atmosphere of the One Piece series.”

Whether this is true or not is a fact we will probably never know, but it’s probably safe to assume that One Piece Odyssey will not include English dubbing as post-launch content. It’s time to get those reading glasses on and enjoy the traditional One Piece experience.

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