All One Piece Odyssey Character Exploration Abilities

All One Piece Odyssey Character Exploration Abilities
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12th Jan 2023 10:37

While you’ll spend a lot of your time in One Piece Odyssey coming to grips with the game’s turn-based combat system, it’s important to remember you’ll also be exploring the open world. It’s vibrant, expansive, and full of secrets for players to uncover as they embark on the main adventure.

Sometimes there will be obstacles that block your progress or even collectables that are in hard-to-reach locations. Ensuring you know the tools to get these is vital, and each of the Straw Hat crew in One Piece Odyssey has their own unique ability that can help with exploration. If you want to know what each character does, here are all the character exploration abilities in One Piece Odyssey.

All One Piece Odyssey Character Exploration Abilities

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The Straw Hat crew has a few tricks up their sleeve, in and outside combat. Each comes equipped with an array of methods to help with exploration in One Piece Odyssey. Whether it be a collectable high-up in the air, or a metal gate blocking your progress, it’s always worth knowing what character is needed for the puzzle ahead:

  • Luffy: He has a few abilities. The first is his Gum-Gum Rocket, which allows him to grapple onto certain glowing points in the world. Additionally, his arms can be used to smash down destructible walls and grab far-off collectables. He also has his Observation Haki ability, which can be used to detect rare enemies and destructible walls in the nearby area.
  • Sanji: Use their ability to find hidden ingredients throughout the area, which is vital for cooking more impressive dishes and redeeming better results.
  • Chopper: His small height allows him to venture through small passageways, which will enable him to find shortcuts, collectables, and other secrets.
  • Zoro: His blade can be used to cut down steel doors that block your path.
  • Nami: If you’re strapped for cash, she can be used to detect money that is buried in the ground. This will prove vital the further you venture into the game and require more money to purchase better equipment.
  • Usopp: With his slingshot, you can knock down items high above in areas you would previously be unable able to get to. These items can then be transformed into trick balls, useful for battles later on in One Piece Odyssey.
  • Robin: She has the ability to discover more hidden information about the world of One Piece Odyssey and lore you may not have stumbled across.
  • Franky: They can build bridges for you, allowing you to reach previously inaccessible areas and gain more rewards. 

Additionally, as you progress further into One Piece Odyssey, you’ll also gain guests who join your party. They won’t stay permanently, but they may provide temporary skills for you and your party to use.

Every time you enter a new area in One Piece Odyssey, be sure to explore fully and take advantage of all the characters at your disposal, you never know what you might stumble across.

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