How To Fast Travel In One Piece Odyssey

How To Fast Travel In One Piece Odyssey
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16th Jan 2023 12:28

One Piece Odyssey is a massive one, perhaps the biggest in the franchise so far. With such a huge world to explore, it can be quite overwhelming - especially in the early hours. While it’s not exactly open-world, it has a ton of areas to explore across a variety of locales. Getting around isn’t easy.

Luckily, there are ways to help you navigate the world. Instead of sprinting everywhere, you also have the option to fast travel. While you may think you have this from the offset, there are some prerequisites in order to unlock it. If you want to know how to get fast travel in One Piece Odyssey, here’s how to do so.

How To Fast Travel In One Piece Odyssey

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As with most JRPGs, One Piece Odyssey can drag its feet introducing elements into the game. For fast travel, it’s a good five hours into the adventure before fast travel is even mentioned. Up until this point, you may have seen signposts that look like fast travel markers, but you’ll have been unable to use them.

Fast travel is unlocked via story progression, but not until a portion of the way into chapter two. Without spoiling the events of One Piece Odyssey, there will be a section where you’re tasked to track down a character by travelling across the Ravine of No Return in Alabasta. It’s during this objective that fast travel spots will be given to you with a tutorial.

By using the signposts, also known as Yoisa Signs, you can use them to instantly travel across to various locations on the map. Make sure you activate a sign every time you stumble across one to make the act of fast travelling in One Piece Odyssey much, much easier.

Alternatively, a little later into the game - after defeating a certain boss in a cave at the Great Sandy Desert Oasis - you will also unlock the Crab Mover. This is another means of transport and will allow you to travel between locations by using its respective signposts. 

It’s a shame the introduction of fast travel comes quite far into One Piece Odyssey, making the early hours slower than they need to be. But once it’s unlocked, you’ll have a ton of tools at your disposal to make traversal easier in the game.

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