How To Change Outfit In One Piece Odyssey

How To Change Outfit In One Piece Odyssey
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20th Jan 2023 10:05

Do you want to know how to change your outfit in One Piece Odyssey? The One Piece series has a decades-long history since it began in the late 90s. That means there's likely a lot of material for different outfits in One Piece OdysseyHere's how to change the outfit of each character in One Piece Odyssey.

  • Side quests will be available to you in Chapter 2 of One Piece Odyssey.

How To Give Characters Different Outfits In One Piece Odyssey

Change Outfit One Piece Odyssey
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First and foremost, you won't be able to change the outfit of characters like Luffy and Zoro straight away in One Piece Odyssey. You'll need to complete the Lake Shore Cave quest set out by Adio and return to his base. After that, you'll be introduced to the camp system, which allows you to access the encyclopedia and rest your characters. You can also change their outfits at this location. 

Look for a green tent next to a yellow and orange umbrella. From there, you can change each character's outfit in private from the rest of the party. If you've preordered One Piece Odyssey, you'll have access to all of the travelling outfits for all of the Straw Hat Crew. They're not currently available as individual DLC and were only available for preordering, unfortunately. You'll likely find more outfits as you proceed through the game, however. You won't be able to find them with a friend, however.

What Else You Can Do At The Camp

One Piece Odyssey Encyclopedia
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There are other activities you can do at the camp. First, you can browse the encyclopedia on the left side. This will give you the lo-down on the enemies you come across, such as lore and their weaknesses. For example, it says that the Blood Squirrel's weaknesses are fire and bladed weapons. You'll also unlock the ability to cook while at the camp. That comes in Chapter 2 of the story. Once these dishes are eaten, this will gain your party improved attributes for a limited time like Kingdom Hearts 3 with Remy's Kitchen. 

As you get further into One Piece Odyssey, you'll be able to fast travel across the world. This will make it easier to get to the camp whenever you need it. 

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