Nintendo Direct February 8: Time & What To Expect

Nintendo Direct February 8: Time & What To Expect
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7th Feb 2023 14:37

The latest Nintendo Direct has finally been announced, as it arrives on February 8, but you might be wondering what time it is on and what you should expect to see. While they can often be disappointing to fans expecting big things at each one, Nintendo Directs are always an enjoyable time to watch. So, make sure to read the rest of this guide to see all the details surrounding the upcoming Nintendo Direct on February 8.

What Time Is the Nintendo Direct On February 8?

The Nintendo Direct scheduled to be shown on February 8 will go live at 2PM PST/10PM GMT. While this is not ideal for European Nintendo fans wanting an early night, nor is it best for those in Japan craving a lie in, it should hopefully be something worth staying up or waking up early for.

Furthermore, according to the official announcement it will last roughly 40 minutes, giving plenty of time to go over lots of new content and releases.

What To Expect At The February 8 Nintendo Direct

What To Expect at the February 8 Nintendo Direct
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While your minds might be running wild with the vast number of potential games and hardware that could be shown at the February 8 Nintendo Direct, it is best to bring ourselves back to earth in preparation.

As per the official announcement, the 40-minute run time will 'mostly' be dedicated to games releasing on the Switch in the first half of 2023. This cuts out a lot of potential titles fans might have been dying to see, but we could see the word 'mostly' do a lot of stretching here.

The clear and obvious feature will likely be on The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which is set to release on May 12. This could fill a fair chunk of the show, as we are yet to see any actual gameplay footage of the highly anticipated sequel.

Furthermore, it would also not be surprising to see a final featurette for Octopath Traveler 2 which releases later this month, in addition to Rune Factory 3 Special, which might reconjure some farming-sim PTSD from the last direct.

If Microsoft's word is to be trusted then there's also the strong possibility that Hollow Knight Silksong will be shown too, with many fans hoping for a release date to be finally revealed. Advance Wars fans will hopefully also be satisfied, as rumours have been swirling for a surprise shadow drop on the day of the direct.

Outside of this restrictive time frame though there are plenty of titles that could make a surprise showing. Pikmin 4 is one of the few Switch exclusive titles actually announced for the future beyond this year, so it would be great to see that. In addition, there is the ever-present desire for Wind Waker and Twilight Princess to make their way to the Switch, but that could remain a pipe dream for many.

Finally, there is the persistent feeling that new hardware is on the horizon too, as the Switch is close to reaching its sixth birthday. As always, don't get your hopes up. It seems like Nintendo's hybrid console is going nowhere soon.

So, that wraps up this guide on the February 8 Nintendo Direct, giving you all the details about the time alongside some hints of what to expect. Make sure to stay up to date with everything announced at the direct on GGRecon.

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