Nightingale: Gameplay Details, Trailers & Everything We Know

Nightingale: Gameplay Details, Trailers & Everything We Know
Image: Inflexion

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Aaron Bayne


31st Jan 2023 11:27

The next Mass Effect is here, except it's actually the first-person fantasy game, Nightingale. The Game Awards revealed a host of new games, and one of the most impressive was from ex-Bioware devs, Inflexion Games. We got our first look at some gorgeous gameplay and disturbing creature design, along with some dapper outfits. Want to know more about this expansive fantasy? Here's everything we know about Nightingale, including release dates, story information, and more. 

Is There A Nightingale Release Date?

Nightingale will go into early access in 2022.
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For those looking to get their hands on Nightingale as soon as possible, you hopefully don't have too long to wait. The game was expected to launch into early access on PC in 2022, but this has been pushed to 2023. Inflexion Games confirmed a new release date at Gamescom 2023, meaning Nightingale is scheduled for release on Thursday, February 22, 2024

Nightingale: Story

Nightingale features a "Gaslamp Fantasy".
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The story of Nightingale sees Realmwalkers stranded in the monster-filled realms of the Fae where they must fight for survival. The collapse of a portal network means that you must rally up the survivors and begin the search for the last beacon of hope for humans - the city of Nightingale. As you venture through these various realms, you must build and defend settlements with a variety of 20th-century weaponry and arcane technology. Inflexion itself has described Nightingale as a "Gaslamp Fantasy". 

You will be taking the fight to a wide variety of creatures, all of which feature stunning designs. We don't have a full count of the monster types, but the trailer gave us a snippet of giants, large vampiric bats, and spider-like trees. 

Nightingale: Gameplay

Nightingale will let you build your own bases.
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We only got a small snippet of actual gameplay in the Nightingale reveal. However, the trailer hints at a bunch of activities you will be getting up to while exploring the various realms. For one, there is a big emphasis on base building. We didn't get to see the building, but we know that you will be chopping down trees and can build from a variety of materials, as is the case with most survival sims. However, we have also seen that your structures can be destroyed, so you will need to come prepared for an attack. You will also go hunting for food, which could hint at a system in which you need to supply for the survivors you retrieve. 

Nightingale: Multiple Realms To Explore

Nightingale features multiple realms.
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Due to its cataclysmic portal event within Nightingale, players will have a collection of realms to explore when the game launches. You can take to "foreboding forests, harrowing swamps, and shimmering deserts". We expect that each of the realms will deliver new challenges and monsters to face, as well as ample opportunity to create some awesome-looking bases. 

Nightingale: Play With Friends

You can play Nightingale with friends.
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If you are being hunted down by nightmarish creatures, you want somebody to have your back. Luckily, Nightingale is a shared world experience, where you and other Realmwalkers can combine your skills and abilities to take on the dangers of the Fae. Inflexion hasn't detailed the exact number of players you can explore with, but you will be able to bump into other players outside of those you are already playing with.  

That's everything you need to know about Nightingale. We'll be sure to update this article as soon as we know more. Until then, why not check out everything we know about The Lord of the Rings Gollum.


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