Neural Cloud tier list: Best characters & classes ranked

Neural Cloud tier list: Best characters & classes ranked
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Tarran Stockton


12th May 2023 10:03

You'll want to take a look at our Neural Cloud tier list to see the best characters ranked, as there are many different Dolls to choose from that all come with different classes, unique skills, and more. 

Neural Cloud is a popular mobile game where players take control of unique bots called Dolls, and help them uncover the secrets behind their creations as they explore an unknown land.

With a plethora of Dolls to play with throughout your adventure, you'll want to check out our Neural Cloud tier list. 

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Neural Cloud character tier list

Key art from Neural Cloud with a character overlooking a battle scene. It is captioned "The show must go on".
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Images via Darkwinter Software

There are tonnes of characters in Neural Cloud and each one has a class archetype, along with unique skills that can be used in the game's battle mode. Here's our full Neural Cloud tier list, which ranks each character. 

S Tier

Characters in the S-Tier tend to outperform other Neural Cloud characters in a variety of areas. While Snipers offer a more tactical approach that often lets them stand out above the rest, the Medics in the S-Tier ranks are vital in battle.

  • Kuro - Sniper
  • Croque - Guard
  • Yanny - Guard
  • Clotho - Guard
  • Vee - Fighter
  • Aki - Fighter
  • Sakuya - Specialist
  • Angela - Specialist
  • Hannah - Specialist
  • Hubble - Sniper
  • Clukay - Sniper
  • Florence - Medic
  • Nanaka - Medic
  • Delacey - Medic

A Tier

  • Hatsuchiri - Fighter
  • Haze - Sniper
  • Evelyn - Guard
  • Millau - Guard
  • Python - Guard
  • Betty - Fighter
  • Nahita - Fighter
  • Phantom - Fighter
  • Rise - Specialist
  • Dushevnaya - Specialist
  • Willow - Specialist
  • Nora - Specialist
  • Lam - Sniper
  • Max - Sniper
  • Kurane - Sniper
  • Twigs - Sniper
  • Persica - Medic
  • Helix - Medic
  • Gin - Medic
  • Jessie - Medic

B Tier

  • Bonee - Guard
  • Chelsea - Fighter
  • Banxy - Specialist
  • Antonia - Specialist
  • Sueyoi - Specialist
  • Earhart - Sniper
  • Frensel - Sniper
  • Imhotep - Medic

C Tier

  • Souchun - Guard
  • Zion - Guard
  • Fern - Fighter
  • Cetaureissi - Fighter
  • Abigail - Specialist
  • Mai - Specialist
  • Sockdolager - Sniper
  • Octogen - Sniper
  • Uranus - Sniper
  • Choco - Medic

D Tier

While these characters may be in our lowest tier for Neural Cloud, that isn't to say they don't have their uses. These characters, particularly the Specialists, have particularities that require a lot more time to put into them to feel the benefit.

  • Panakeia - Medic
  • Sol - Fighter
  • Ksenia - Specialist
  • Groove - Specialist

And that's everything you need to know about the tiers in Neural Cloud so far!

How many classes are in Neural Cloud?

In Neural Cloud, there are 5 classes that will aid you in combat. Here, we'll break down each class and what they can offer you:

Class Description
Fighter The main source of damage in your team.
Guard Tank class with higher damage absorption
Medic Healers able to recover health
Specialist Characters with unique abilities
Sniper Characters that operate from the backlines

That's all for our Neural Cloud tier list, and now you know how every character in the game ranks up against each other. If you're looking for more tier lists, be sure to check out our best Overwatch 2 heroes tier list. For more list content, keep reading right here at GGRecon.

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