How to get the submarine door code in MW2 Atomgrad Raid

How to get the submarine door code in MW2 Atomgrad Raid
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17th Mar 2023 16:08

You may be wondering how to get the submarine door code in MW2, as during the cooperative Atomgrad Raid mission there is a difficult puzzle that requires all three players to solve. 

Modern Warfare 2 introduced cooperative missions called Raids, where three players can join up and in story missions that take place after the events of the game's main story. So, if you're struggling with how to get the submarine door in MW2, we've got you covered with a full explanation of how to solve the puzzle.

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How to get the submarine door code in MW2?

How to get the submarine door code in MW2?
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During the first Atomgrad Raid mission in MW2, you'll quickly come to a section, after killing a bunch of enemies, where you're in a small control room next to some submarine doors. Inside this room is two consoles, a bunch of monitors, and a sheet door on the right which can be opened with a red button. 

To start this puzzle, get one of the players to go into the room on the right side, and interact with the CCTV monitors in there. From here, they can flick through various cameras until they land on a dark room with some numbers and symbols being projected onto a wall. 

During this, have another player use the CCTV monitors in the main room, flicking through until they also find a room with numbers and symbols projected onto a wall. 

While the two players inspect the CCTV cameras, the other player should interact with the console on the left side of the room, with the little red monitor at the top. This player needs to read out the symbols displayed on this red monitor, and have the other players find the corresponding numbers that are being projected on their CCTV monitors. 

How to get the submarine door code in MW2? console
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Once the players have figured out the numbers that correspond to each symbol, one of the players can go to the machine on the right of the main room and enter the code. It's worth noting this code is randomised, so we can't just list it for you here. 

Once you’ve done the above steps, the first sequence will have been completed and you can do it an additional two times by repeating the steps. However, the same player cannot enter the code more than once, so every player will need to rotate roles until the submarine doors open. 

That's all for our explainer of how to get the submarine door code in MW2, and now you know how to solve this puzzle in the Atomgrad Raid mission. 

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