What Are Sticker Book Challenges In MW2?

What Are Sticker Book Challenges In MW2?
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Daniel Hollis


18th Nov 2022 16:18

While Modern Warfare 2 has been fairly well received across the board, the UI has been something of a critical talking point. Many have found it cumbersome, confusing, slow to navigate, and now, it seems terminology is being thrown at the player when scrolling through that is leading to a heavy amount of confusion across the Call of Duty community.

Challenges for completing parts of a “sticker book” have been appearing, and while that’s dandy, it seems that Modern Warfare 2 forgot to explain what this actually is. It’s not an ideal situation when you’re trying to complete your challenges within a time frame, so here’s everything we know about the sticker book in Modern Warfare 2.

What Are Sticker Book Challenges In Modern Warfare 2?

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At the time of writing, there appears to be no singular definitive answer. Unfortunately, Infinity Ward has failed to accurately describe what these are and has not officially released any further information on them. If you’re someone who’s trying to get the most out of Modern Warfare 2, this can be an extremely frustrating predicament.

However, fans have rallied around and appear to have made some progress in discovering what sticker book challenges are. While these are in no way definitive, they’re a good place to check the next time a challenge such as this appears and you’re left banging your head on the desk not knowing what they are.

The first train of thought seems to believe these are linked to Calling Cards, and by completing sticker book challenges you are simply finishing up Calling Card missions. In the Calling Card menu, you can view the challenges tab which lists all of the available ones to complete. It’s worth attempting to do one of these to find out if this works in Modern Warfare 2.

Another possibility, albeit a little less conclusive, is that it’s related to the stickers you can put on guns that are unlocked by spending BP tokens. Again, since the sticker book challenge doesn’t directly say what it is, fans have been left to purely speculate on solutions, but it’s worth trying either of these and seeing if they progress.

Hopefully, Infinity Ward works on rewording the challenge, or at the very least, does a better job at explaining to players what these could be. In the meantime, it’s worth trying either of these solutions and seeing if it completes the sticker book challenge in Modern Warfare 2 for you.

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