MW2 DMZ Nail in the Coffin mission: How to complete, rewards & more

MW2 DMZ Nail in the Coffin mission: How to complete, rewards & more
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25th Apr 2023 11:45


The MW2 DMZ Nail in the Coffin mission is causing a fair amount of players trouble, as its rather specific and convoluted objectives might leave your head spinning. Faction missions in MW2 DMZ have seemingly got more complicated as the seasons have gone on, but who can say no to an increased challenge?

Ready to jump right in? Check out the rest of this guide below to find out everything you'll need for the MW2 DMZ Nail in the Coffin mission, including how to complete it, and all of the rewards.

How to complete the MW2 DMZ Nail in the Coffin mission

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In order to complete the Nail in the Coffin mission in MW2 DMZ, you must perform the following objectives listed below:

  • Park a vehicle at all four Gas Stations in Zarqwa Hydroelectric.
  • Plant a charge at each Gas Station in Zarqwa Hydroelectric with a parked vehicle.
  • Detonate the charge while on the second level of the Radio Tower in Zarqwa Hydroelectric.

As you can see these challenges will have you running all over the place, but once you know where you're going it can actually be quite simple.

MW2 DMZ Zarqwa Hydroelectric Gas Station locations

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There are four Gas Stations in the Zarqwa Hydroelectric point of interest that you will have to visit, but they shouldn't take too long to move between - especially with a vehicle in hand. You can see their exact spots circled in the picture above, but here is the list with some additional information for the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Gas Station locations in the game:

  • South side, next to the MW2 DMZ Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dead Drop.
  • On the western side of the middle island.
  • Eastern side, on the north side of the river bank.
  • To the north, just south of the radio tower.

Perhaps the trickier part will be actually getting four cars over to the garages, so make sure that you scout out and clear the area as much as possible before embarking on this mission.

One additional caveat comes in the form of the Gas Stations. While two are your standard variety, the additional pair are exclusively for boats, so you must factor that into your planning and preparation too.

How to plant charges at Gas Stations in MW2 DMZ

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All you need to do to plant charges at the Gas Stations in MW2 DMZ is go up to the pumps and press the button in the prompt when it appears. You will need to make sure that the vehicle is close enough to the pumps for the prompt to register, but it is a fairly simple process after that point.

Once again, you will need to be careful of the enemies that patrol this area, as they often are in groups and can be devastating if you're caught in the wrong spot. There would be nothing worse than planting your last charge only to fall to an AI foe and have to do it all again.

Where to find the Zarqwa Hydroelectric radio tower in MW2 DMZ

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The Zarqwa Hydroelectric radio tower can be found on the northern side of the point of interest, just above the north-most Gas Station - so it is best to leave that one until last.

As it is a tall and recognisable structure it shouldn't be too hard to miss - especially as this particular POI is relatively flat, so make sure you're facing north and you should be able to spot it in most areas.

Then, all you need to do is head up to the second level of the radio tower and then interact with the prompt when it appears to complete the mission. You don't need to extract for this mission to register as completed, but of course it is best to try to salvage any gear or loot you might have picked up along the way.

MW2 DMZ Nail in the Coffin mission rewards

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The main reward that you'll get for completing Nail in the Coffin is the Harbinger weapon blueprint for the FTAC Recon gun, but there is also 40,000 XP up for grabs here that you won't want to miss out on.

This particular weapon blueprint will give you a lovely wooden black and white camo design, alongside an optimised set of attachments that are perfect for silent marksmanship. If you ever feel like picking off players in DMZ without them knowing, then this blueprint is the one for you.

So, that's everything you need to know about the Nail in the Coffin mission in MW2 DMZ, giving you the full explanation for how to complete it, alongside all of the rewards that you'll be given afterwards.

If you want to stay up to date with MW2 DMZ though, then make sure to check out our game page for all of the latest news and guides for the extraction game mode.

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