How To Ping A Contract Phone In MW2 DMZ

How To Ping A Contract Phone In MW2 DMZ
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17th Nov 2022 12:36

Figuring out how to ping a Contract Phone in MW2 DMZ is one of the first things you need to do if you have any aspiration of progressing through the factions. While contracts in Modern Warfare 2 do operate as isolated in-raid quests, there are also faction quests that exist beyond the confines of each match. So, to find out how to ping a Contract Phone in MW2 DMZ and complete one of the early quests, make sure to carry on reading down below.

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How To Ping A Contract Phone In MW2 DMZ

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In order to ping a Contract Phone in MW2 DMZ, you must first find one on the map. You'll be hard-pressed to find a place on the map where you're further than a couple of hundred metres from a Contract Phone, but you do need to zoom in on the map for the icons to actually appear.

Once you've zoomed in enough on the map to see the various Icons, you will be looking for a green mobile phone-shaped button. The slightly confusing thing about Contract Phones is that unlike other icons - for example, a UAV Tower - it will not state that it is a Contract Phone when you hover over it, instead it indicates the type of task that you will need to complete.

When you find the nearest Contract Phone to you, or one that has a task that you want to complete, then all you need to do to ping it is left click or hit A/X on the icon. If you find one out in the world though, then you can ping it outside of the map by hitting the middle mouse button or up on the d-pad.

How To Complete A Contract In MW2 DMZ

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Contracts in MW2 DMZ encompass a number of different tasks, from finding intel, to locating radioactive caches, or even taking down another player in the lobby. While the marker on the map gives an indication of what type of contract it is, you will need to go to the location and accept it to see the full details.

Once you have accepted the Phone Contract then it will give you the task and location of what you need to do in order to progress. Often there are two stages to each contract, where you need to find an item, and then use it in a separate location. 

Completing the contracts will give you XP, and often lead you to money, loot, and other valuable items, so they are definitely worth doing if you want something to focus on in your raids. They can also be part of various faction quests too, so always keep an eye out for them also.

So, that's how to ping a Contract Phone in MW2 DMZ, and what to do once you've accepted the contract. Find out how to extract in MW2 DMZ here if you're struggling to actually survive from your raids.

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