MW2 DMZ Exfil Streak Perks Explained

MW2 DMZ Exfil Streak Perks Explained
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Tarran Stockton


20th Jan 2023 14:39

You may want an explainer of the MW2 DMZ exfil streak perks, which allow players to gain a useful bonus when extracting from Al Mazrah with the loot they've acquired. The MW2 DMZ mode is an extraction shooter based on the popular Escape From Tarkov, but it brings a Call of Duty twist to the genre. 

While DMZ is certainly far more forgiving than EFT, it can be a difficult mode for players who aren't used to the experience. However, if you learn to survive, consequent runs can be made easier due to the DMZ exfil streak perks. So, check out exactly how they work. 

MW2 DMZ Exfil Streak Perks Explained

DMZ Exfil Streak Perks Explained
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Every time you perform a successful exfil in the Warzone 2 DMZ mode, your exfil streak will increase by one, which grants you a random perk. For those not in the know, perks are modifiers that can increase things like reload speed or give you silent footsteps. 

Gaining perks is massively beneficial, and the more perks you earn, the more powerful you will become. However, if you fail to keep your exfil streak by dying, all your progress will be lost, and you will lose the perks until you can get another streak going. 

While it seems like the main criterion for getting an exfil streak is just exfilling, you can't just load into a DMZ game, leave, and then gain a new perk. You will need to complete at least one contract to qualify for a new perk, meaning there is an element of risk to keeping your streak going. 

Risk vs reward gameplay is a big element of DMZ, and playing things smart will ensure you can continue your streak going and make every deployment a little bit easier. 

That's all for our explainer of the DMZ exfil streak perks, and now you have an idea of how to gain perks by exfilling successfully.

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