Best PC Settings For MW2

Best PC Settings For MW2
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Harry Boulton


29th Oct 2022 10:10

Making sure that you've got the Modern Warfare 2 best PC settings will go a really long way in improving your FPS, and upping your overall performance in-game. While you are always wanting Modern Warfare 2 to look its best, making sure that you've got enough frames at the same time will really give you that competitive edge, especially if you've got a high refresh rate monitor. So, to find out the full list of the best PC settings for MW2, make sure to check out down below.

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Best PC Settings For MW2

Modern Warfare 2 Best PC Settings
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Here are all of the best PC settings in MW2 for you to use in your game:


Setting Best Option
Display Mode Fullscreen Exclusive
Display Monitor Your Primary Monitor
Display Adaptor Your Graphics Card
Screen Refresh Rate Highest Possible
Display Resolution Monitor Native
Dynamic Resolution Off
Aspect Ratio Automatic
V-Sync Off
Custom Frame Rate Gameplay (Highest Possible), Menus (Lowest Possible)
Display Gamma 2.2
Focused Mode Off
HDR Off (Unless using HDR capable monitor)


Setting Best Option
Quality Preset Custom
Render Resolution 100
Upscaling DLSS (or Fidelity FX CAS if no Nvidia RTX card)
Anti-Aliasing SMAA T2X
Anti-Aliasing Quality High
Video Memory Scale 85
Texture Resolution Normal
Texture Filter Anisotropic Normal
Nearby Level of Detail High
Distant Level of Detail High
Clutter Draw Distance Long
Particle Quality High
Particle Quality Level Normal
Bullet Impacts & Sprays On
Shader Quality Low
Tessellation Off
Terrain Memory Min
On-Demand Texture Streaming Off
Streaming Quality Low
Volumetic Quality Medium
Deferred Physics Quality Low
Water Caustics Off
Shadow Map Resolution Low
Screen Space Shadows Low
Spot Shadow Quality Low
Spot Cache Low
Particle Lighting Normal
Ambient Occlusion Both
GTAO Quality Normal
Screen Space Reflections High
Static Reflection Quality High
Weather Grid Volumes  Ultra
Nvidia Reflex Low Latency On
Depth of Field Off
World Motion Blur Off
Weapon Motion Blur Off
Film Grain 0.00



Setting Best Option
Field of View (FOV) Between 95 and 105
ADS Field of View Independent
Weapon Field of View Wide
3rd Person Field of View 80
Vehicle Field of View Default
1st Person Camera Movement Least (50%)
3rd Person Camera Movement Least (50%)
3rd Person ADS Transition 1st Person ADS
Default Spectator Camera Helmet Camera
Telemetry Custom
FPS Counter On
Server Latency On
Packet Loss On
Graphic Card (GPU) Temperature Off
Graphic Card (GPU) Time Off
Graphic Card (GPU) Clock Off
VRAM Usage Off
Processor (CPU) Time Off
Clock Off

You can of course play around with these settings to give yourself more quality or a higher framerate depending on the power of your components, but otherwise they will give you a really great ground to work on if you just want to jump straight into the game. 

MW2 Benchmark: How To Benchmark In Modern Warfare 2

How To Benchmark In Modern Warfare 2
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If you've carefully crafted your settings in Modern Warfare 2 but don't want to tarnish your precious KDR by jumping straight into an online game to test them out, there is thankfully a benchmark mode available to use.

All you need to do to access the MW2 benchmark is head to the Multiplayer tab on the main menu, and the 'Benchmark' option will be right there. Just click on it, and it will play through the test, and give you some detailed statistics like GPU and CPU latency, and the FPS highs, lows, and average.

So, that wraps up this best PC settings for MW2 guide, giving you all the information you need to achieve the best performance in Modern Warfare 2 right out of the gate. If you've been running into MW2 PC crashing though, make sure to read our guide for a few potential fixes.

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