All skills in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 for Peter, Miles & the shared skill tree

All skills in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 for Peter, Miles & the shared skill tree
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The skills in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 take your Spider-Men from Amazing to Superior as you make your way down the skill trees. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has a leveling and upgrade system much like the previous entry, expanded for the new game.

Skills can be purchased for Peter's powers, Miles' abilities, or in the shared skill tree that affects both Spider-Men. For the full rundown, here are all of the skills you can unlock in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

All shared skills in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

The shared skill tree in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
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Here are all of the skills in the shared skill tree. Some skills must be unlocked before others become available, as we will indicate below going from left to right.

  • Slingshot Launch - Hold L2 and X to charge a slingshot launch, firing yourself forward
    • Bounce Up - Hold Triangle near an enemy in mid-air to bounce them off the ground, continuing your combo
      • Air Swap - Press Circle after an air attack to dodge behind your enemy
      • Leap Off Bounce - Hold X near an enemy in the air to leap off them an bounce them off the ground
      • Web Swing Combo - Tap Triangle on impact of a Swing Kick to perform a follow-up attack
      • Wall Thrash - Rapidly press Square while an enemy is against a wall to perform a flurry of blows
    • Web Whip - Hold Triangle to attach a web to an enemy's weapon, then tap R1 to disarm and whip the weapon back with force
      • Web Throw - Webbed up, electrified, or Venom Stunned enemies can be thrown by holding Triangle
      • Directional Yank - Hold Triangle then press L2 or R2 to pull enemies sideways
      • Web Yank Slam - Hold Triangle then press L2 and R2 to slam the enemy into the ground
      • Heavy Lifting - Allows Brutes to be thrown and Web Yanked when webbed, electrified, or Venom Stunned
        • Web Line Double Takedown - Perch Takedowns from a Web Line can now pick up two enemies at once (unlock Wall Thrash or Heavy Lifting to make this available)
    • Loop De Loop - While diving, press R2 to swing, then hold R2 to swing around in a full loop
      • Corner Tether - While swinging, hold Circle and move the left stick in the direction of a building to slingshot yourself around the corner
      • Spider-Jump - Press L1 and X to perform a mid-air Spider-Jump while swinging or gliding
      • Spider-Dash - Press L1 and Triangle to perform a mid-air Spider-Dash while swinging or gliding
      • Aerial Escapades - Perform air tricks, point launches, corner tethers, dives, and use wind tunnels to regain energy for Spider-Jump and Spider-Dash
    • Combo Resupply - Adds a chance for a free gadget shot at the end of a 4-hit melee combo
      • Perfect Dodge Recharge - Abilities are partially recharged after performing a Perfect Dodge
      • KO Recharge - Abilities are partially recharged when performing KO's, Finishers, and Stealth Takedowns
  • Parry Disarm - Successfully Parrying a light attack causes them to drop their weapon
      • Parry: Web Blast - Webbing up an enemy that has been Parried will add flyback to the webbed-up reaction
      • Amped Up - Successfully Parrying an enemy attack grants additional Focus
        • Gadget Resupply - Resupplies one gadget shot after performing a Finisher (unlock KO Recharge or Amped to make this available)
          • Fired Up - Higher Combo count increased Focus gain rate
          • Ultimate Assist - Increases rate gain for Symbiote Surge and Mega Venom Blast Meter

These skills are great to go for if you're not sure where to spend your skill points, as they apply to both Peter and Miles. You cannot go wrong with shared skills.

Peter's Skill Tree in Spider-Man 2

Peter Parker's skill tree in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
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These skills are unique to Peter, and are divided into two categories. The first category contains skills that use the Spider-Arms, then later you unlock the second category which contains all of the Symbiote skills.

  • Spider Whiplash - Press L1 and X to lift several enemies into the air
    • Spider Rush - Press L1 and Triangle to perform a spinning dash that damages enemies
      • Spider Rush: Tornado - Spider Rush pulls enemies in
        • Spider Rush: Express Webbing - Spider Rush webs up to three enemies
        • Spider Barrage: Heavy Impact - The last hit of Spider Barrage lets off a concussive blast
      • Spider Shock - Press L1 and Circle to shock enemies with electric webs
        • Spider Shock: Overload - Spider Shock chains to other enemies
        • Spider Barrage: Brute Force - Spider Barrage recharges faster
      • Spider Whiplash: Electrifying - Spider Whiplash now sends out an electrified pulse that stuns enemies caught in the area of effect
    • Symbiote Strike - Press L1 and Triangle to strike towards enemies, gathering them and launching them into the air
      • Symbiote Yank - Press L1 and X to grab multiple enemies and pull them towards you
        • Symbiote Strike: Extended - Extend the distance travelled by Symbiote Strike, and the number of enemies that can be grabbed
        • Symbiote Blast: Might - Symbiote Blast causes a bigger reaction and does more damage
        • Symbiote Punch: Symbiote Slam - Symbiote Punch now sends Brutes flying backwards
      • Surge: Don't Resist - Surge meter gains are increased
      • Surge: Ready To Glow - Abilities are fully recharged when a full Surge bar is used
      • Surge: Alien Harmony - Surge mode lasts significantly longer
      • Surge: Power Strike - Abilities recharge in half the time while in Surge mode

I find that the Symbiote and Spider Arm powers are both great, and each has its own uses, so be sure to try them out and see which ones you want to invest in more. You won't have access to Symbiote powers right away, so chances are you'll have a good idea of the Spider Arms ahead of time.

Miles' Skill Tree in Spider-Man 2

Miles Morales' skill tree in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
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Finally, Miles has his very own skill tree. His skills revolve largely around his Venom powers, which change and improve over the course of the game. Here are all of Miles' skills in Marvel's Spider-Man 2:

  • Venom Dash - Press L1 and Triangle to dash to an enemy and throw them forward
    • Venom Punch: Concentrated Force - Venom Punch throws back enemies in a cone behind the first enemy hit
      • Venom Dash: Double Dash - Immediately after performing Venom Dash, you can follow up with a second Venom Dash for free
    • Venom Jump - Press L1 and X to leap into the air and bring nearby enemies up with you, stunning them in the process
      • Venom Jump: Mastery - If you use Venom Jump on only one target, Venom Jump begins recharging at 50%
  • Venom Smash: Jolt - Tap L1 and O during Venom Smash to launch enemies into the air (unlock either Venom Dash: Double Dash or Venom Jump: Mastery to make this skill available)
    • Chain Lightning: Power Overwhelming - Increased Chain Lightning bolts from 3 to 6
      • Thunder Burst: Static Boom - Thunder Burst gains a second charge
      • Reverse Flux: Boost - If 4 or more enemies are affected by Reverse Flux, the impact generates three lightning bolts that strike additional targets when pulled together
      • Galvanize: Shock and Awe - After lifting an enemy with Galvanize, hold Triangle to yank the enemy down from the air, causing a damaging bioelectric blast
  • Bio-Siphon - Hit Venom Stunned enemies to recharge abilities
    • Venom Clouds - Venom abilities create a Venom Cloud which heals you, recharges your abilities, and stuns enemies. Evolved Venom Clouds detonate and knock enemies down
    • Critical Venom Stun - Venom Stunned enemies have a small chance to become Critically Stunned, making them available for a Finisher without using a Focus Bar
  • Mega Venom Blast: Beacon of Might - Mega Venom Blast gains a large radial flash of light that blinds human enemies outside of the damage area
    • Mega Venom Blast: Self-Care - Using Mega Venom Blast fills your Focus meter
    • Mega Venom Blast: Recharge - Mega Venom Blast meter gains are increased
    • Mega Venom Blast: Overcharge - Hitting enemies with Mega Venom Blast partially recharges abilities

Those are all of the skills you can acquire in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, for both Peter and Miles. For more, head to our Spider-Man homepage for more guides like all Marvel's Spider-Man 2 difficulty settings and how to use Photo Mode in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

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