How to play multiplayer in LEGO Fortnite & give out keys

How to play multiplayer in LEGO Fortnite & give out keys
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7th Dec 2023 14:14


LEGO Fortnite has finally arrived, bringing blocky building to the popular battle royale - and the best part is that you can invite friends to play multiplayer with world keys!

After years of jumping out of the Battle Bus together in duos, trios, and squads, you can now team up with your friends to create your very own LEGO worlds in Fortnite! Here's how to do just that with the game's multiplayer world keys.

How to play LEGO Fortnite in multiplayer mode

You can invite friends to play LEGO Fortnite with you in multiplayer in the same way you would for a regular battle royale match. After you've selected LEGO mode from the Discover menu, click on the plus symbol next to your character in the lobby to select a friend to join your party.

If you're already in a LEGO world, you’ll need to press the map button (eg. the touchpad on PS5) and then scroll across to the ‘Players’ tab. When you’re here, you’ll see an ‘Invite Players’ option. Press the associated button and then choose the friends you want to invite if they're currently online.

Playing multiplayer with friends in LEGO Fortnite
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This mode supports eight players in multiplayer, which means you can invite up to seven friends to join your world at any one time.

Any friends you've invited to your world will be kicked out when you quit. However, if you want a friend to be a permanent part of your world - which means they’ll be able to stay and build things even when you're not playing the game - you’ll need to give them a world key.

How to invite friends to stay with world keys

Once you've invited a friend to your world, you can then invite them to be a permanent resident by giving them a world key from the 'players' tab in the map menu. Your friends don't need to accept this key, as they'll automatically be added as a key holder, meaning they can now visit any time they like.

You can give out seven of these keys for each world, so choose carefully! You also don’t want to invite someone who's going to mess up your favourite buildings, so make sure you trust them.

On the other hand, if you've been given a world key for someone else's world, you can visit it at any time by scrolling across to 'shared worlds' in the 'select world' menu from the lobby. Remember to be respectful of your friend's world if they've spent a lot of time making it look pretty!

Does LEGO Fortnite have split-screen mode?

Unfortunately, LEGO Fortnite does not currently support split-screen multiplayer. This means the only way you can play with friends is by connecting with them online.

There's always a chance that split-screen multiplayer could be added to this mode in the future, but there's no indication of that happening yet. If that happens, we'll keep you updated right here.

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