5 LEGO Fortnite combat tips to help you survive the wilderness

5 LEGO Fortnite combat tips to help you survive the wilderness
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Issy van der Velde


17th Jan 2024 11:54

LEGO Fortnite is a surprisingly tough game that requires you to be very familiar with its combat mechanics. From Rollers that can wipe out half your health in one hit, to brutes that tower over you, and swarms of angry skeletons, there’s a lot that can kill you in this game. Mastering the combat system and knowing which weapons and items to use is essential for surviving those LEGO adventures.

Use the right weapon

a lego fortnite man breaks his pickaxe on a roller
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Rollers, those little crab-like critters that bury themselves in the ground and ambush you in all biomes, are deceptively strong. They’re fast, too. One hit can do one and a half hearts worth of damage, so you need to kill them quickly.

Instead of using a sword, use a pickaxe. They’re made of stone, so these do extra damage and stun them after two hits in quick succession. For everything else, swords, crossbows, and explosives will do.

Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge

‘Don’t get hit’ might seem like an obvious piece of advice, and it is, but it bears repeating. In Fortnite’s battle royale mode, we’re used to building and jumping to avoid death, but in the LEGO mode, there’s a dedicated dodge button. The invincibility frames—the period you’re invulnerable to damage—on the rolls are generous, and they don’t consume stamina. Any time you see a foe winding up an attack, roll away and then counterattack.

Get a shield

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Sometimes, there are just too many enemies and dodging isn’t the best option. Equip a shield in your offhand and you can use it to absorb blows for you. I’d advise combining this with dodging to bamboozle your foes and outmanoeuvre them so you can get the upper hand, even when surrounded. They do break eventually, so don't forget how to dodge.

Keep food in your hotbar

Food in video games heals you; it’s a trope as old as time itself. It’s often more useful to have torches or a shield in your offhand, but keeping food in your hot bar, right next to your weapon, means you can grab a quick bite if you take too much damage and need to heal mid-fight.

Raspberries are a good option as they’re plentiful and very quick to consume. They only heal half a heart, but you can wolf them down so fast that you’ll be back to full health in no time.

Equip multiple Health Charms at once

You know what’s better than one Health Charm? Three Health Charms. You’ve got three equipment slots, so use them. Health Charms increase your max health and armour, and you can equip more than one of the same type to stack the effects.

Start with the basic one, then make two more. Once you’ve upgraded your crafting bench and can make the next level up, make three again. If you want to mix and match your Charms, then go for it, but if you’ve got a spare slot going to waste, why not use it for more durability?

With these tips, you'll even be able to defend your LEGO Fortnite drug farms from rival cartels. For more helpful LEGO Fortnite guides, keep reading GGRecon.

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