Is Thymesia Multiplayer?

Is Thymesia Multiplayer?
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Tarran Stockton


19th Aug 2022 15:25

Players may be wondering, is Thymesia Multiplayer? Thymesia is a souls-like action role-playing game set in a grim world where plague has spread throughout the kingdom, and you play as a character trying to regain their memories in the face of constant adversity. It features a similarly fast-paced combat systems and aesthetic to Bloodborne which helps it stand out more in the ocean of souls clones, but layers want to know if they can join up with friends. So check out if there is the option for Thymesia multiplayer.

Is Thymesia Multiplayer?

Is Thymesia Multiplayer?
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Thymesia currently offers no multiplayer or cooperative functionality, making it a solely single-player experience, and the developers haven't mentioned any plans to add it in the future. The souls games are famous for their asynchronous multiplayer systems, which allow players to summon random players or friends during specific sections for help with bosses.


They also let players leave messages on the ground during gameplay, offering advice and warnings for players that happen across them, or just trolling people with "try finger hole" over and over. 

These aspects are so key to the genre that Thymesia not offering it might cause some veterans of the genre to stay away, but if souls-like games want to escape the shadow of Dark Souls or Elden Ring, moving away with these changes isn't necessarily a negative.

Considering the developers have prioritised designing Thymesia as an immersive single-player experience, it's unlikely that they will add any multiplayer support in the future, but considering they haven't outright said no - never say never. It's also possible that a modder may just take the time to mod in multiplayer support at some point, like with Skyrim and Breath of the Wild

That's all for our primer on whether there is Thymesia multiplayer, and now you know the game currently has no multiplayer support. 

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