How to play OG Fortnite in Creative 2.0

How to play OG Fortnite in Creative 2.0
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Coleman Hamstead


29th Mar 2023 17:41

Thanks to Creative 2.0, you can play OG Fortnite again! If you're a Fortnite vet that hasn't played in a while because of how different the game is nowadays, now is the perfect time to return. This guide will teach you how to play OG Fortnite in Creative 2.0 and some of the best OG Fortnite map codes.

How to play OG Fortnite in Creative 2.0

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With the recent release of Fortnite Unreal Editor and Creative 2.0, one of the very first things the community did with this new tool is to recreate OG Fortnite. A significant portion of Fortnite players started their Fortnite journey back in Chapter 1, and are, therefore, vehemently nostalgic for the good ol' days.

If you want to relive the feeling of OG Fortnite on the old Fortnite map, you should check out the remakes people have cooked up in Creative 2.0. While these recreations aren't 1:1, they are as close as it gets to OG Fortnite with the technology Creative 2.0 offers.

To see for yourself and play OG Fortnite in Creative 2.0, boot up Fortnite, open the Discover tab, and enter the OG Fortnite Island Code of your choosing.

Best OG Fortnite map codes for Creative 2.0

Reboot Royale - OG Fortnite

Island Code: 4464-0648-9492

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If you want to experience Fortnite as it once was, look no further than Reboot Royale - OG Fortnite. Reboot Royale - OG Fortnite takes place in Chapter 1 Season 3 and supports 80 players. 

Reboot Royale - OG Fortnite is a faithful recreation of OG Fortnite backed by TEAM PWR. With that, expect regular updates to Reboot Royale - OG Fortnite as the creators attempt to continuously improve on it.

Atlas OG Battle Royale

Island Code: 2179-7822-3395

Another heavyweight of OG Fortnite Creative 2.0 maps is Atlas OG Battle Royale. Designed by the team at Atlas Creative, Atlas OG Battle Royale is the only OG Fortnite map that currently supports 100 players.

Atlas OG Battle Royale also takes place in Chapter 1 Season 3. Start a match of Atlas OG Battle Royale and explore all the famed OG Points of Interest.

Classic Royale - Season 1

Island Code: 6087-3081-5772

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If you'd prefer to go back to where it all started, Chapter 1 Season 1, you can do that with Classic Royale - Season 1. The main drawback of Classic Royale - Season 1 is that it only supports 20 players right now. Because of this, it's not the best option if you want to relive the authentic experience.

Nostalgia Royale - Season 5

Island Code: 1360-8196-8274

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Nostalgia Royale - Season 5 transports players back to the days when Kevin the Cube ruled the island. If this was the era of Fortnite you remember fondly, Nostalgia Royale - Season 5 might be the Creative 2.0 map for you!

Like Classic Royale - Season 1, Nostalgia Royale - Season 5 isn't quite advanced enough yet to support more than 20 players. However, in time, hopefully, this map gets to a point where it can compete with the big boys like Reboot Royale - OG Fortnite and Atlas OG Battle Royale.

Creative 2.0 has opened up a world of possibilities, including the ability to play OG Fortnite again. Hop into Creative 2.0 and enter any of the map codes listed above to experience OG Fortnite in all its glory.

If you simply want to see what Creative 2.0 is all about, check out some Fortnite Creative 2.0 map codes.

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