How to get Vitcoins in Stellar Blade

How to get Vitcoins in Stellar Blade
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Hritwik Raj


29th Apr 2024 10:00

If collecting all the outfits, aka Nano Suits, is on your to-do list in Stellar Blade, you'll need to know how to stock up on Vitcoins and the best farming method for it.

The majority of outfits in the game are sold by the Info Dealer NPC, Roxanne, and Lyle at their General Store on Xion in exchange for Vitcoins.

Since you're not told how to get these coins, though, based on my two playthroughs, here are all the methods I know about farming them.  

How to get Vitcoins

In Stellar Blade, you can get Vitcoins by completing quests, opening chests, destroying supply boxes and other destructible objects, from the overworld as a drop item from Robots, and near supply camps and from vendors like Clyde based on your fishing score.

Clyde in Stellar Blade
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In New Game Plus, you can also get a ton of Vitcoins from the SP0-tt2r vendor found next to D1G-g2r in the Wastelands area in exchange for Weapon Core and such upgrade materials. 

Best way to farm Vitcoins

During my first playthrough, the best way to farm Vitcoins was to destroy the supply boxes around areas like Xion, Wastelands, and so on.

The best part about this method is that when you travel to a different location and return, the boxes respawn, allowing you to farm them again. 

Stellar Blade Supply Boxes shown in-game
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Clyde is also an excellent source for obtaining Vitcoins, but the Fishing activity is quite difficult - so breaking boxes is far better than struggling to reel in some fish to increase your Fishing Score. 

Lastly, exchanging broken Weapon Cores and other upgrade materials at D1G-g2r for the respective upgrade materials and then using them to exchange for Vitcoins also proved to be a quick way to obtain a large number of coins. 

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That sums up our guide on how to get Vitcoins in Stellar Blade. While you are here, check out how to start New Game Plus and the best Nano Suits for EVE

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