What the Lily progress bar in Stellar Blade means & how to increase it

What the Lily progress bar in Stellar Blade means & how to increase it
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10th May 2024 16:35

In Stellar Blade, the Lily progress bar is a mysterious mechanic that starts appearing in the game with its purpose not being revealed until much later. 

It turns out the progress bar is much more important than you might think. Don't worry, though, because I'm going to tell you what it is and how to make the most of it. 

What is the Stellar Blade Lily progress bar?

The Lily progress bar is essential to get Stellar Blade's true ending by increasing her affinity enough to 100% and unlocking the secret level: Eidos 9. 

If you max out the affinity gauge before going to the Orbit Elevator on Spire 4 for the final mission, "Orcal's Testimony", you'll be able to go to Eidos 9 first.

Lily in Stellar Blade showing off the Can cabinet
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I won't spoil for you how this impacts the good and bad endings, but taking this route is a must. After all, if you want to unlock the Platinum Trophy, you'll need to achieve the "Cost of Memories" ending that visiting Eidos 9 leads to. 

How to increase the Lily progress bar

You'll be able to steadily increase the Lily progress bar before Stellar Blade's final mission by finding & completing Mother Sphere-related collectables & missions.

For example, the campaign missions "Altess Levoire", "Alpha Signal", and "Abyss Levoire" increase the progress because they're pivotal moments in the story which also mention Mother Sphere. This makes sense since Lily is fully devoted to the being who's referred to as "the mother of mankind". 

Whilst Stellar Blade is brimming with collectables like Documents and Memorysticks to gather, I confirmed that only those which mention Mother Sphere would increase the gauge as well. 

So, the ideal way to be sure you 100% Lily's progress bar to get to Eidos 9 is by searching and grabbing collectables whenever you enter a new area. That's as well as completing as many missions as you can.

You may not add to the affinity bar every time, but you'll be able to fill it well before the end of the game. 

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