These are the 6 best Nano Suits to wear in Stellar Blade

These are the 6 best Nano Suits to wear in Stellar Blade
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25th Apr 2024 17:29


  • The Black Full Dress, Sporty Yellow, and Orca Exploration are some of the best suits for EVE
  • Nano Suit designs can be found in shops, out in the world, or as rewards for completing side missions

There are plenty of ways to customize EVE’s appearance in Stellar Blade, but perhaps the most prominent is the Nano Suits – and the ones you’ll find in this guide are some of our favourites in the game.

As you explore the world of Stellar Blade, you’ll find there are plenty of new outfits to wear as you fight some of the most monstrous fiends. So, of course, you’re going to want to serve some stellar looks while doing so.

Best Nano Suits for EVE

Black Full Dress

The Black Full Dress Nano Suit in Stellar Blade
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The Black Full Dress is one of the rewards for completing the 'Stolen Treasure' side mission. After returning a stolen Buddha statue to one of Xion's vendors, he'll finally open up his shop again so that you can spend your hard-earned Gold and Vitcoins. One of the best parts of Stellar Blade is that the impact of your actions affects Xion, and the shop reopening so you can buy this Nano Suit is the perfect example of this.

Sporty Yellow

The Sporty Yellow Nano Suit in Stellar Blade
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While many of the Nano Suits are presented as somewhat formal, this Sporty Yellow tracksuit stands out as something more casual. The vibrant yellow is a breath of fresh air compared to the black and red that adorn the majority of the other Nano Suits. If ever there was a time to try a Kill Bill cosplay, this is the Nano Suit to use.

Orca Exploration Suit

The Orca Exploration Nano Suit in Stellar Blade
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Personally, the Orca Exploration Suit is my favourite. The pink translucent jacket paired with the black suit is a collaboration between two in-game companies: Tetrastar C&T and Orca Aerospace Company. While you'll mostly be running about in desert regions and rundown cities, its emphasis on being a hybrid spacesuit of sorts is a huge hint as to the heights you'll be heading to in Stellar Blade.

Planet Diving Suit (3rd)

The Planet Diving Suit (3rd) in Stellar Blade
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The variants of the Planet Diving Suit are some of the sleekest designs you’ll find in Stellar Blade, but the third version is something unique to the others with its aviator jacket and glowing green heels. Each of these suits comes with a unique motto for the squadron it's associated with. In this instance: "May you never forget the passion in your heart. Our future is in your hands".

Cyber Magician

The Cyber Magician Nano Suit in Stellar Blade
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The Cyber Magician Nano Suit sports everything a budding magician could need, with its dapper bowtie and classy-tailed jacket. While EVE likely doesn't have time to perform magic tricks with all the Naytiba running amok, there's nothing wrong with dressing up for the occasion.

Fluffy Bear

The Fluffy Bear Nano Suit in Stellar Blade
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The Fluffy Bear is perhaps the best Nano Suit EVE can wear in Stellar Blade because it's such a departure from the rest of her typical fare. Presented as a reward for completing the 'Memories in the Doll' side mission and returning a teddy bear to a citizen of Xion, I can only hope that the owner didn’t skin the poor bear just for her to wear.

How to get more Nano Suits in Stellar Blade

You’ll have to craft Nano Suits before you can wear them, but to get more, you simply need to pick up their designs throughout various points in Stellar Blade. Some can be bought from vendors, like the Black Full Dress, and others you’ll get for completing side missions, like the Fluffy Bear.

You can also find crates with the designs inside. Usually, they’ll be guarded by a horde of enemies, so make sure you’ve got those perfect parries and dodges nailed before diving in to grab it.

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