Can Stellar Blade's Damaged Device be used after An Unknown Present?

Can Stellar Blade's Damaged Device be used after An Unknown Present?
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Ben Williams


9th May 2024 17:28

If you've completed Stellar Blade, you're right to wonder if the Damaged Device you get from An Unknown Present can be used for anything in the game

Although Inn was told to give EVE the seemingly unlockable terminal in secret, the quest simply ends without the device's purpose being revealed. Well, I've done some digging and have got an answer for you.

Can you use the Damaged Device in Stellar Blade?

At the time of writing, there's no use in Stellar Blade for the Damaged Device. It comes as quite a surprise with its item description, "its purpose and content are unknown. For now".

Although such a description implies the item's secrets could be revealed later in the game, the Damaged Device remains a mystery even after the credits roll.

I've even dived into the reports of other Stellar Blade players who've confirmed the same thing -  the quantum password EVE mentions is needed to open the Damaged Device can't be found anywhere. 

The Damaged Device in Stellar Blade currently being unlockable
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What the Damaged Device could be for

If the Damaged Device has no actual purpose in Stellar Blade, then the next question is "why put it in the game in the first place?". Well, there's three potential answers to that:


One is that, from a speculatory point of view, the Damaged Device could be a very subtle hint at Stellar Blade DLC. However, this would be a surprise since developer Shift Up's mentioned in a Nate interview that "Future update plans, including downloadable content (DLC), have not yet been decided".

On the other hand, rather than a large DLC of story-based content, the Damaged Device's secrets could be revealed in small update additions - like the upcoming Boss Challenge mode which Shift Up mentions in the same interview.

Cut content

Another reason for the Damaged Device being unusable in Stellar Blade is that it was part of cut content.

Items, missions, or even whole levels get cut from games pre-release all the time, like those which were re-added to The Last of Us Part II Remastered, so it could be likely Shift Up simply needed to take the Damaged Device's use out for any number of reasons - technical issues, cost-cutting, or just not fitting the flow of the game. 

No reason at all

The third speculation is the simplest: the Damaged Device has no use in Stellar Blade because that's how the developer wanted it. Maybe it's to have a bit of fun making us go crazy looking for answers, or perhaps it was simply forgotten about. 

Whichever way, if the item's true purpose does happen to be revealed in the meantime, I'll be updating this guide right away. 

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