All Stellar Blade bosses & how to beat them

All Stellar Blade bosses & how to beat them
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Hritwik Raj


30th Apr 2024 15:23

Some of the best parts of Stellar Blade are the boss battles in the game. Stellar Blade offers a plethora of unique bosses in all shapes and sizes with unique attacks and combos that many might find challenging to counter and eventually defeat the boss. 

So, if you have encountered a boss in Stellar Blade and can't get past it because you find the battle difficult, I'll share some tips on how to beat every main and side boss in the game. 

All main bosses and how to beat them 

There are 16 main bosses in Stellar Blade, and I have listed them below in the order you fight them. I've also shared some tips on how to beat them.


how to beat Brute boss in Stellar Blade
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Brute is the first boss you encounter in Stellar Blade, a tutorial boss meant to explain how boss encounters work and the different gameplay mechanics you need to focus on and use in battle to win. 

While the first encounter with Brute doesn't matter whether you win or lose, you still progress the game. However, the Brute appears again as a side boss while completing a particular side quest. 

To defeat him, you must focus on the glowing balls on his arms. Although he deals high damage, his attacks can easily be blocked and parried.

The best trick to dealing with Brute is to stay behind while unleashing regular attacks mixed with Beta skills and other abilities. While any attack will help you remove bosses' shields, using targeted skills like the Shield Breaker works better. 


how to beat Abbadon boss in Stellar Blade
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Abbadon is the first main boss and a relatively easier one to defeat. As soon as the fight begins, press and hold the triangle to use the Rush ability to close in the gap and land some hits. When the boss starts attacking, keep mashing the 'L1' button for perfect parry. 

Abbadon has long-range attacks that deal serious damage. Thus, we recommend sticking close to the boss. For some reason, if you are about to get attacked with a long-range attack, keep sprinting, and you can easily avoid it. 

Lightning strikes from the boss can be avoided by dodging, and you can even tank most of the attacks while performing Beta Skills like the Slash and burst skills like Tempest, giving you hyper armour. 

Lastly, if you stay close to the boss and keep attacking, you will get many opportunities to perform Blink and get behind the boss with a few seconds of free attack time. 

If you don't know how to Blink, push the left analogue stick forward and press the circle button whenever an enemy or boss's attack turns blue.


how to beat Corrupter boss in Stellar Blade
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To beat the Corrupter boss in Stellar Blade, all you have to do is stick close and keep attacking while doing perfect parries. The boss moves around the closed space and tries to perform a dash attack, which you can easily dodge.

The only real challenge in this boss fight is when the boss starts spewing lumps of acid in a cone shape towards you and when he moves his head upwards and unleashes the acid attack in an AoE. Thankfully, you can run past the attack easily. 


how to beat Gigas boss in Stellar Blade
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Gigas is the first Alpha Naytiba that you fight in Stellar Blade, who, later in the game, appears as a side boss while completing a side quest. 

The boss has two phases. In the first phase, he uses his fists for a four-hit melee attack, followed mainly by a stomp attack in which he runs away from you, glows yellow, jumps in the sky, and lunges at you. 

The yellow cue means the perfect dodge window for this attack is very low. But don't worry - you have enough time to avoid the attack by running in any direction.

After the stomp attack, you will have a four-second window to unleash attacks while the boss gets up. You also get a lot of chances to perform Blink and get behind the boss, getting another three to four seconds of attack window. 

The second phase of the fight becomes slightly challenging as the boss becomes more aggressive. His hands and head start glowing like lava, and the melee hits start spewing lava. But those are just fancy effects, as you can parry every attack and stun-lock the boss using grenades.

Maelstrom (Altess Levoire)

how to beat Maelstrom boss in Stellar Blade
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Maelstrom is the first gimmick boss in Stellar Blade, whom you can easily beat by destroying the three glowing orbs on his body and then focusing fire on the giant orb that appears at the centre. 

He throws acid orbs towards you and a few random exploding Naytibas, but those aren't even a threat as you can easily avoid them, and if you manage to shoot the orbs before his attacks, the boss wouldn't be able to use them. 


how to beat Stalker boss in Stellar Blade
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To beat Stalker in Stellar Blade, you must perfect parry when his head starts glowing red. He will perform a five-hit melee attack with his claws, so keep mashing the parry button. 

You also get chances to perform Repulse and Blink. So use them as you get a few seconds of attack window. That said, the boss will try to jump backwards and maintain distance. When he does that, press and hold the triangle button to use Rush to close the gap. 

If you stick to the boss, he will usually use the five-hit combo melee attack, which you can easily parry. 


how to beat Juggernaught boss in Stellar Blade
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The Juggernaught boss uses a huge hammer to perform swing and slam attacks that deal massive damage. 

However, like any other boss in the game, the Juggernaught's attacks can easily be parried, ly hiwith the exception of the three-hit hammer swing combo, in which the boss swings his hammer two times, glows yellow, and performs the third strike. 

To avoid this, when the boss's attack glows yellow, press the circle button after one second to dodge the attack. You can also use the hyper armour from Burst Skill Tempest to nullify the attack damage. 


how to beat Tachy boss in Stellar Blade
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Tachy is the second Alpha Naytiba you encounter in Stellar Blade. The boss battle has two phases. In the first phase, Tachy uses:

  • Three-hit swing attack 
  • Broad swipe attack (She glows yellow before the attack)
  • Two hit wing attack that she does when you break her shield, and after that
  • Sword slash attacks 
  • Wing block attack followed by a sword slash 
  • Rush attack 

You can easily parry the three-hit sword strike and dodge the broad swipe attack when Tachy glows yellow.

After you destroy her shield for the first time, when Tachy attacks you and, her wings start glowing blue. Perform a Repulse attack to stagger her and spawn her weak point on her left arm. Shoot the weak point with your drone to deal massive damage. 

You can easily avoid or parry the rest of the attacks while using Rush to close in the gap and deal damage using skills and regular attacks. 

In the second phase, Tachy will become more aggressive and will have both of her wings. She will blink towards you and perform a three-hit sword combo, which you can run past or dodge. 

She also performs an AoE stomp attack by flying in the air and charging towards your location. You can avoid this attack, too, by running around. 

You get a two to three-second window for performing attacks after all of her attacks. That said, you can also use the Tempest skill for the hyper armour while dealing damage to her. 

Maelstrom (Abyss Levoire)

how to beat Maelstrom boss in Stellar Blade
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The Maelstrom boss fight in Abyss Levoire is the same as the previous encounter, with the difference being five orbs on the boss's body instead of three. Destroy the orbs to spawn the main orb that you can attack to deal damage to the boss, and keep repeating the process. 


how to beat Belial boss in Stellar Blade
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When you first fight the Belial boss while making your way to the Orbit Elevator, you can complete the quick-time events by pressing the button appearing on the screen. 

After that, when you arrive in the boss arena, Belial will use two and three-hit melee combos that you can parry easily. In this phase, he is very slow, and if you stick close, you will find a lot of openings to attack the boss. 

how to beat Belial phase 2 boss in Stellar Blade
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When you lower the boss's HP by 30%, he will run away. In the final encounter, you can keep attacking the boss and most of the time, he will not perform any attack. In this fight, Blink and Dodge is going to play a vital role as you have to take out the boss multiple times before using the drone as a Railgun to take out the boss. 


how to beat Karakuri boss in Stellar Blade
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Karakuri has two phases, but her attacks are almost the same except slightly more aggressive. She often uses her left hand to perform a three-strike combo, a two-phase forward stomp attack and a lunge attack followed by two slash attacks with her claw.

You can Perfect Parry the majority of her attacks and use the perfect dodge for the attacks having a yellow glow before landing.  

For this battle, I recommend staying close to the boss, using parry and relying more on Beta and Burst Skills. If you have Tachy mode, use it at the start of the battle, as by the time you bring her HP down to 40%, you will have it ready again. 

The funniest part about the battle is that if you correctly time your attacks and abilities, you can defeat her without her landing any attacks on you. To do that, you must use Burst Skills like Tempest to get hyper armour and avoid her lethal attacks. You can activate Tachy Mode while she lands an attack combo to nullify it and stagger her using throwables like Shock Grenade. 


how to beat Democrawler boss in Stellar Blade
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To beat the Democrawler boss in Stellar Blade, you must use the same tactics you have used to defeat other bosses. Stick close to the boss and land hits while parrying the incoming attacks. 

The only attack you must look out for while fighting the Democrawler is when a yellow light appears, followed by a blue light. This means you have to perform a Repulse to dodge the attack, which you can do by moving the left analog stick downwards and using the circle button. 

If you fail to Repulse, the boss will smash you on the ground, followed by a laser attack. It deals very high damage and if you don't have any health upgrades and items like the Double Edge Gear equipped, you will die. 

That being said, make sure to stay close to the boss, or it will summon multiple light orbs and rapidly fire them at you, dealing massive damage. 

Tips: You can use Beta Skills like Slash to stop the boss's attack combo. 


how to beat Demogorgon boss in Stellar Blade
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Demogorgon is the third Alpha Naytiba in Stellar Blade and the real form of Democrawler, with whom you fight in space. The battle is entirely a gimmick, and all you have to do to beat the boss is use the Railgun to destroy the three eyes at the centre of the boss's body and finally attack the main eye using the Railgun. 

Unidentified Naityba Boss Fight

how to beat Unidetified Naytiba boss in Stellar Blade
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The Unidentified Naityba is a challenging boss in Stellar Blade. She is the first, and I would even say the only demanding boss to defeat in the game. Her attacks are as follows:

  • Four-hit combo melee attack 
    • Counter: Parry or dodge
  • Four-hit combo melee attack, jumps backwards, glows yellow and summons a flock of feathers from the ground at your location 
    • Counter: Perfect Dodge or run towards left or right
  • A three-hit melee attack with a blue glow
    • Counter: Use Blink 
  • Teleports backwards, glows yellow, summons three giant orbs of feathers and fires them towards you in a straight line
    • Counter: Perfect Dodge or run in any direction
  • Fly in the air and dive past you in a straight line
    • Counter: Dodge or Parry 
  • Fly to the centre of the arena, summon three orbs and unleash a cage-like unblockable attack
    • Counter: Destroy the three orbs to stagger her and stop the attack. Once done, she falls to the ground. Go near and press the Triangle button to perform a critical hit
  • Summons pool of acids around you followed by the three feather orb attack
    • Counter: Double jump towards left or right followed by a dash

Tips: To avoid her unblockable attacks, you can use Tachy Mode or the Tempest Burst skill right when it is about to hit you. 


how to beat Raven boss in Stellar Blade
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Fighting Raven is like fighting yourself. She will use the same skills as EVE, and among them, the most dangerous ones are the Slash Beta Skill and the Tempest Burst Skill. Yes, the same abilities that I have been recommending to cheese through the bosses in Stellar Blade. 

First of all, in this battle, you don't have to always stick close to Raven as she does the job for you by staying close to you and unleashing a flurry of attacks you can parry and dodge. For the Slash attack, either perform a Perfect Dodge when she glows yellow or tank it using your own Slash ability. 

Lastly, for Tempest, since there's no running, I recommend using your own Tempest Burst Skill to get the hyper armour to nullify the damage or switching to Tachy Mode to avoid the damage. 

Adam (Elder Naytiba)

how to beat Elder Naytiba boss in Stellar Blade
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Depending on your chosen ending, Elder Naytiba is the final boss in Stellar Blade. Still, he is easy to defeat, as the only attack that is certain death for you is when he flies over to the centre of the arena and summons six small angels that eventually go on the ground and unleash a light wave that you cannot dodge or avoid using any trick. 

To counter it, you must use your drone's long-range attacks to destroy the six angels before they touch the ground. Doing so will stagger the boss and allow you to land a critical hit by pressing the triangle button. 

That said, most of his attacks glow yellow, which is your cue for performing a Perfect Dodge. Though you can also tank them as they don't deal much d


how to beat Providence boss in Stellar Blade
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To beat the Providence boss, all you have to do is perform a Rush attack as soon as the battle begins, hit the boss with a few regular attacks and right when he is about to attack, use the Beta Skill, Slash. Doing so will send the boss flying backwards and give you two to three seconds of attack window. 

Keep performing regular attacks while saving the Beta and Burst Energy. Whenever the boss tries to attack, either use the Slash attack or a Shock Grenade to stop the attack and get an attack window of a few seconds. 

Since the boss is tanky and carries a lot of HP, you have to keep repeating the process. For some reason, if you mess up the process and are about to die, just use the Tempest Skill for the hyper armour or Tachy Mode. 

That being said, the only attack that you should keep an eye on is when the boss pulls back his left hand, it starts glowing yellow and then changes to blue. That is your cue to perform a Repulse. If you fail, the boss will perform a grab attack dealing massive damage.

All side bosses and how to beat them

Most of the side bosses in Stellar Blade are Elite Naytibas like Abbadon, Brute, and others that you will have already fought as a main boss, with the exception of Behemoth, which appears during the last quest in Kaya's questline. 


how to beat Behemoth boss in Stellar Blade
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During the Behemoth boss fight, most of the attacks are as follows:

  • Three-hit combo melee attack 
    • Counter: Parry or Perfect Parry 
  • Roar attack
    • Counter: Dodge, Perfect Dodge or use Tempest for hyper armour or Slash for stopping the attack
  • Stomp attack 
    • Counter: Dodge or run towards left or right
  • Lunge attack followed by right-hand strike
    • Counter: Parry, Perfect Parry or dodge 
  • Roar attack followed by AoE blast
    • Counter: Perfect Dodge or double jump backwards, followed by a dash
  • Three spiral projectile attacks
    • Counter: Run towards left or right 

When it comes to offence, I recommend staying close to the boss and using the Rush ability to close in gaps. That aside, when you are close to the boss, use normal attacks and Burst or Beta Skills only when the boss is about to perform an attack combo. 

That concludes my guide on all bosses and how to beat them in Stellar Blade. While you are here, check out how to start New Game Plus and the best Nano Suits for EVE

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