Hounds Tooth And Dam Blade MW2: How To Get

Hounds Tooth And Dam Blade MW2: How To Get
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16th Nov 2022 11:30

You may be wondering how to get the Hound's Tooth and Dam Blade in MW2, as they are two exclusive knives that players can get after meeting specific criteria. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 are now both here, meaning COD fans have two options for gaming until the next mainline release. With the launch of these two titles, there are also lots of special rewards to earn, so check out how to get the Hound's Tooth and Dam Blade in MW2

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Hound's Tooth And Dam Blade MW2: How To Get

Hound's Tooth And Dam Blade MW2
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The Hound's Tooth and Dam Blade are two special knives in Modern Warfare 2 that aren't available by default. They are both replacements for the standard combat knife that look a little nicer in our opinion, with the Hound's Tooth resembling a bayonet knife with a nice clean metal finish, and the Dam Knife having the marbled Damascus Steel pattern that stands out anywhere. 

Getting both of these knives is actually quite simple, and it just requires that you have played the first Warzone at least once on the account you are using. On top of the knife blueprints, you are also given some XP tokens and weapon charms. Logging back into MW2 after playing Warzone will put the rewards in your inventory. 

To get the knives, you will need to head to the weapons menu, and then select the knife armoury. The blueprints will be available here for you to craft and then equip to replace your combat knife. These knives are also both available for Warzone 2, so you can equip one for each game if you choose. 

That's all for our coverage of how to get the Hound's Tooth and Dam Blade in MW2, and now you know how to equip these exclusive knives.

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