How To Do Tricks In Goat Simulator 3

How To Do Tricks In Goat Simulator 3
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Daniel Hollis


16th Nov 2022 15:00

If you went into Goat Simulator 3 expecting some Tony Hawk’s elements, then, funnily enough, you’ve come to the right place. For the sequel, developer Coffee Stain Studios has added the ability to pull off some sleek tricks as you power your way through the map as your trusty steed.

These tricks aren’t just for show either. As fun as it is to dive off buildings and show off your moves to your friends, tricks also come into play for objectives and challenges. However, as with some other aspects of the game, Goat Simulator 3 perhaps doesn’t do the best job of introducing you to this. If you’re curious as to how you can pull off tricks in Goat Simulator 3, here’s everything you need to know.

How To Do Tricks In Goat Simulator 3

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The first time you’ll probably even know tricks exist in Goat Simulator 3 is when examining your Instinct challenges. It’s here you’ll notice objectives to perform a backflip, or even a 720 double front or backflip. As expected, you may have absolutely no idea how to create this and instead spend your time fumbling around the map.

If you’re attempting to do so, then you’ll be happy to know you can perform tricks by simply pressing the left trigger on your controller, or the respective button on the keyboard, while in the air. From this point, simply use the stick or arrow keys to spin around in the air and perform moves such as the backflip.

For more advanced moves, such as the 720 double front or backflip that Goat Simulator 3 tasks you to do, it requires a bit more fiddling. As you’re flipping in the air, you’ll have to rotate your goat to the left or right simultaneously. It’s a bit clunky to manoeuvre, but after playing it around with it, you should soon get it down and complete your challenges.

It’s also worth mentioning you can grind in Goat Simulator 3. This can be done on an assortment of rails, such as electrical wires, by pressing the button prompt that appears when near them. While they don’t count as tricks, if you’re looking to turn your goat into the next pro skater, then they’re worth checking out.

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