How Long Is Goat Simulator 3?

How Long Is Goat Simulator 3?
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17th Nov 2022 11:23

The first Goat Simulator started as a fun sandbox experience, but post-launch updates crafted it into a much meatier game. Along comes Goat Simulator 3, and not only did developer Coffee Stain Studios entirely skip over making a second game, but they’ve thrown everything into this - including the kitchen sink.

With such a hefty sequel out in the wild, it’s understandable to hope for a more fleshed-out and longer instalment. With a ton of new content - much more than its predecessor - here’s how long you can expect it to take you to beat Goat Simulator 3.

How Long Does Goat Simulator 3 Take To Beat?

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As mentioned before, Goat Simulator 3 ups the ante with much more content. This time around you can expect to be doing an array of quests, challenges, and even diving into some mini-games. Additionally, you can also play the game entirely in co-op, which can have an effect on your playtime.

In our experience, it took us roughly 10-15 hours to beat Goat Simulator 3. This included unlocking the whole map, completing a chunk of the main quests, and jumping into a few challenges. We also dabbled in co-op, checking out the mini-game offering on display.

For anyone who wants to 100% the game, this would also include collecting over 100 collectibles, completing multiple stunt jumps, and collecting every cosmetic in Goat Simulator 3. This can drastically increase how long the game will take to beat, most likely doubling your initial playtime.

However, if you want to speed things up, up to four-player co-op is available, meaning you and three friends can dive into Goat Simulator 3 together. Splitting up to complete challenges and find collectibles is a great way of keeping the momentum going and reducing how long it takes you to beat Goat Simulator 3.

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