Goat Sim 3 Easter update explained

Goat Sim 3 Easter update explained
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5th Apr 2023 11:52

The Goat Sim 3 Easter update is here, and the whacky sandbox game has even more things for you to do, with a new quest, items, and the return of a specific furry friend from the first game coming as part of the latest update. 

Goat Simulator 3 is the second game in the weird and wild sandbox series where players take control of goats and wreak havoc through quests, activities, and more. If you enjoy the game and all its quirks, you may want an explainer of the Goat Sim 3 Easter update and all it has to offer. 

Goat Sim 3 Easter update explained

The Goat Sim 3 Easter update is set to drop today, April 5, meaning players can go download the update on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, where it's available on Epic Games Store.

The Easter update adds a few new aspects, such as a quest, and a bunch of cosmetics with special effects. 

The quest is called Operation Crackdown and sees a large Easter egg appear on a small island off the coast of San Angora. To crack open the egg and find out what's inside, you'll need to scramble to find 12 hidden eggs across the mainland of San Angora, all of which reward you with special items. 

There are also 19 new pieces of gear to equip on your goat, with them tying to the Operation Crackdown quest too. For example, the first egg you open gifts you the RadEars, which points you in the direction of other eggs. 

Goat Sim 3 Easter update explained cosmetics
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Here are some of the other items you can earn:

  • Slinger Saddle
  • Walking Egg Shells
  • Flappy Goat
  • Bug Bunny
  • Shellmet
  • Hen Head
  • Turdle Outfit
  • Rubber Rooster Outfit
  • PåskKärring

That's all for our explainer of the Goat Sim 3 Easter update, and now you know when the update is available to download, along with the new content.

For more egg-themed fun in the game, check out how to unlock the Goat Simulator 3 Egg Simulator trophy.

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