How To Complete Backyard Science In Goat Simulator 3

How To Complete Backyard Science In Goat Simulator 3
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16th Nov 2022 15:00

Living your life in Goat Simulator 3 can be hard, considering everyone under the sun seems to want your help instead of sorting out their own problems. The island of San Angora just can’t seem to get a handle on things, and your trusty goat with his indestructible tongue seems to be the only thing that can put things right.

This couldn’t be more apparent in the quest Backyard Science. It’s here your goat his tongue comes into play once again, but unlike some of the other quests in Goat Simulator 3, it’s not entirely apparent what you need to do. If you’re confused about how to complete Backyard Science in Goat Simulator 3, here’s what you need to do.

How To Complete Backyard Science In Goat Simulator 3

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Close to where your adventure in Goat Simulator 3 begins, a trailer park awaits your arrival. It’s here you’ll find the quest Backyard Science, which gives you the ambiguous quest objective to “grease up the machine”. In the middle of this area, you will notice a group of people huddle around a contraption with a sign above that states “Scale Here”. This is what you’ll need to grease up.

To do so, you’ll have to explore the caravan park and look for two barrels. These contain oil and are needed to grease up the machine. Simply grab one with your tongue and drag it back to the machine, bearing in mind it will leak oil causing you to slip everywhere. Once you’ve arrived back at the machine, place it next to the rotating cogs on either side of the contraption, before headbutting the barrel. This will cause the oil to go everywhere and grease up the machine.

You’ll know when you’ve done it as a green oil light will appear on each side once complete. After this is done, it’s time to use the machine yourself, so go to the front of it and jump inside it. It will change the size of your goat and Backyard Science will be marked as complete in Goat Simulator 3.

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