Gloomwood Release Time

Gloomwood Release Time
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Harry Boulton


6th Sep 2022 09:10

If you're wondering what the Gloomwood release time is, then you're definitely in the right place as we have all the answers you'll need. Gloomwood is the newest game from New Blood, and has been gloriously described by them as 'like Thief with guns', which will certainly draw in fans of the classic immersive sim. So, to find out all the information about the Gloomwood release time, make sure to carry on reading.

Gloomwood Release Time




Unsurprisingly, Gloomwood has released earlier than its 6PM BST scheduled time, releasing just past midnight on September 6. So, for anyone dying to jump into Gloomwood as soon as possible, the game is out right now.

This is just a short three weeks after the game was supposed to release on August 16, but due to various reasons, the game had to receive a short delay taking it to its current release date. 


It will be releasing into Early Access on Steam, but if it is anything like most other New Blood games, Gloomwood will be almost like a full release, so you shouldn't have to worry about being starved for content.

Gloodwood Price: How Much Does Gloomwood Cost?

The Gloomwood price has been confirmed to be £15.49/$19.99 which is roughly the price we expected for a new game from New Blood, especially one that is in early access.

Players are also being treated to an introductory offer of a 10% discount, taking that price down to $17.99/£13.94, and this price lasts until September 12, so now is the time to pick up Gloomwood if you're thinking about it.

As it doesn't have a price at the moment, you are unable to preorder the game, so you'll have to wait until the exact Gloomwood release time stated above to pick it up and play it.

So, that's everything you need to know about the Gloomwood release time and price, so you'll be fully ready to pick it up when it releases September 6 if you're excited. 

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