All Fortnite Spring Breakout quests and rewards

All Fortnite Spring Breakout quests and rewards
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31st Mar 2023 21:04

Welcome the warm weather with the Fortnite Spring Breakout Quests. To celebrate the changing of the seasons, Fortnite is offering a series of limited-time spring-themed challenges for players to complete and earn exclusive items. With that, let's review all the Fortnite Spring Breakout Quests and rewards.

Fortnite Spring Breakout quests: Dates and times

The first Fortnite Spring Breakout Quest drops March 29, 2023, at 2pm BST. After that, a new Spring Breakout Quest will pop up daily at 2pm BST. You have until April 11, 2023, at 5pm BST to complete all the Spring Breakout Quests and collect the spring-themed rewards.

All Spring Breakout Daily quests

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Below is a list of all the Spring Breakout Quests releasing daily throughout the event. Look for these quests to release from top to bottom, with the top quest available on Day 1 and the last quest releasing on Day 12 of Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023.

  • Visit cherry blossom tree displays (3)
  • Collect a Golden Egg (1)
  • Hire a Specialist Character (1)
  • Collect an egg within five seconds after being laid by a chicken (1)
  • Deal damage to players with a Specialist Character hired (50)
  • Swim in the hot springs at Steamy Springs (1)
  • Deal damage to players while under the effects of a Hop Egg (100)
  • Give a hired Specialist Character a command (1)
  • Place Chicken Crossing signs at Frenzy Fields or Kenjutsu Crossing (4)
  • Talk to Cluck (1)
  • Deal damage to structures with the Egg Launcher (1000)
  • Consume two Heal Eggs and a piece of meat in a single match (2)
  • Jump multiple times in a single match (50)

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All Fortnite Spring Breakout challenges

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Spring Breakout 2023 also offers a few extra Spring Breakout Challenges available throughout the entirety of the event. You can get started on these multi-stage challenges right away to earn extra XP and progress toward the Spring Breakout Bonus Goals.

Gather Laid Eggs

  • Stage 1: Gather 10 laid eggs
  • Stage 2: Gather 20 laid eggs
  • Stage 3: Gather 30 laid eggs

Spend Bars

  • Stage 1: Spend 400 gold bars
  • Stage 2: Spend 800 gold bars
  • Stage 3: Spend 1,200 gold bars
  • Stage 4: Spend 1,600 gold bars
  • Stage 5: Spend 2,000 gold bars

Survive Storm Phases

  • Stage 1: Survive 10 storm phases
  • Stage 2: Survive 20 storm phases
  • Stage 3: Survive 30 storm phases
  • Stage 4: Survive 40 storm phases

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All Fortnite Spring Breakout rewards

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The majority of the Fortnite Spring Breakout Quests reward 20K XP a pop, but there are a few that present a cosmetic item instead. Complete the Day 1, 7, 9, and 12 quests to earn the following rewards:

  • Day 1 quest’s reward: Bloomback Sack Back Bling 
  • Day 7 quest’s reward: Shell Smash Spray
  • Day 9 quest’s reward: The Works Loading Screen
  • Day 12 quest’s reward: A Spring Breakout Banner Icon

Furthermore, as we already touched on, Spring Breakout 2023 features a couple of Bonus Goals. If you achieve the Bonus Goals, you can earn even more spring-themed rewards!

  • Complete 12 Spring Breakout Quests: Nannerbloom Hammer Pickaxe
  • Complete 22 Spring Breakout Quests: Fresh Flyer Glider

There's a lot to get into this spring! Compete the Fortnite Spring Breakout Quests to accelerate your progress through the Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass and earn limited-time seasonal rewards.

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