Where To Find The New Mythic Items In Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4

Where To Find The New Mythic Items In Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4

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Coleman Hamstead


28th Aug 2020 16:30

As one would expect in a Marvel superhero-themed season - Mythic items are back. Mythic weapons and items have become a staple of the Fortnite universe. Ever since the infamous Infinity Blade, Epic Games has made it their mission to incorporate these one-of-a-kind signature items.

Similar to last season, the old Mythic items have been vaulted, and there are four brand new Mythic weapons and items to discover. This time, however, obtaining them is a little different. Only two of the four Mythic items drop from a Henchmen-guarded Boss. Finding the other two is much less obvious.

Below, we ill list all of the available Mythic weapons and items in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4. Additionally, we will guide readers through the best strategies to obtain them, and the unique attributes each one possesses.

Doctor Doom’s Arcane Gauntlets and Mystical Bomb

The evil supervillain Doctor Doom has taken over Pleasant Park. Doctor Doom resides in an eerie mansion at the location now named Doom’s Domain. 

Player’s will find Doom Henchmen throughout the new POI. These AI Henchmen guard the location, similar to the Ghost and Shadow Henchmen of previous seasons. Players that dare enter the sinister mansion in the centre of Doom’s Domain will encounter Doctor Doom himself. Doctor Doom is one of Chapter 2 - Season 4’s Bosses. If you thought Kit, Jules, and Ocean were tough, wait until you face Doctor Doom.

Doctor Doom wields two powerful Mythic items. His Arcane Gauntlets are capable of firing plasma balls that deal 30 damage apiece. Additionally, Doctor Doom’s Arcane Gauntlets allow the user to Arcane Jump and launch into the air. This ability can be used to claim and retake high ground in a build battle.

Doctor Doom’s second Mythic item is the Mystical Bomb. The Mystical Bomb is tremendously strong, and can one-shot players when cast by Doctor Doom. In its wake, the Mystical Bomb will leave behind a field of fire that will engulf the surrounding area. When cast by players, the Mystical Bomb will deal 60 damage a hit. To balance out this item’s immense power, Doctor Doom’s Mythical Bomb has a 20-second cooldown.

Defeating Doctor Doom will require patience and tactics. If in a squad, players should focus on team-shooting Doctor Doom while avoiding his violent plasma attacks. Solo players should make sure they are well looted before attempting a fight with this Boss. Successful players will be rewarded with two of Chapter 2 - Season 4’s new Mythic items. And if you’re someone that cares about challenges, defeating Doctor Doom will grant 50,000 XP.

Groot’s Bramble Shield

Groot, the cute, tree-like Guardian of the Galaxy enters the Fortnite universe in Chapter 2 - Season 4. Groot brings with him a heavy-duty Bramble Shield. Groot’s Bramble Shield is not your traditional idea of a shield. Instead, the Bramble Shield surrounds the user in a ball of magical branches.

Acquiring Groot’s Bramble Shield is different from hunting Mythic items of the past. Instead of dropping off of a Boss at a set location, Groot’s Bramble Shield can be found randomly at one of the Quinjet Patrol Landing Sites. At the start of each match, four Quinjets will soar past the Battle Bus and land at a random location on the map. Upon touchdown, the Quinjets will emit a cloud of blue smoke. Groot’s Bramble Shield will be found at one of these four locations. Search the surrounding area, including the Stark Robot Supply Drones, for a chance at this new Mythic item. But don’t be too hasty, these landing sites are guarded by Stark Robots wielding Energy Rifles.

Groot’s Bramble Shield can be compared to a more powerful version of the Baller. While using the Bramble Shield, players will receive a speed boost and be protected from damage. On top of that, the Bramble Shield will regenerate the user’s health. The only drawback of this ability is a 25-second cooldown.


The Silver Surfer himself has not yet appeared in-game, but his board is available as a Mythic item. The Silver Surfer’s Board can be obtained the same way as Groot’s Bramble Shield. The board will appear randomly at one of the four Quinjet Patrol Landing Sites.

Activating Silver Surfer’s Board will send the user up high into the air. From there, the player can glide around on the board. It’s basically a reusable personal Launch Pad. Silver Surfer’s Board has a 25-second cooldown between uses.

Surprisingly, considering this season’s theme, these four Mythic items are all we have at launch. Chapter 2 - Season 4 has fewer Mythic items than the previous two seasons, and the ones we got are lacking in firepower. However, the season is just beginning. There's a very good chance more Mythic items will be introduced as the season progresses. In a superhero-themed season, it would be a missed opportunity not to. We’ll update this piece when that day comes.


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