How To Unlock The Geralt Of Rivia Witcher Skin In Fortnite

How To Unlock The Geralt Of Rivia Witcher Skin In Fortnite
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Coleman Hamstead


8th Feb 2023 16:58

The Fortnite Geralt of Rivia Witcher Skin is finally available. Epic Games has been teasing the White Wolf since the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, but it wasn't unlockable — until now. So, if you're in the mood to slay some monsters, let's review what you need to know to unlock the Geralt of Rivia Witcher Skin in Fortnite.

How To Unlock The Geralt Of Rivia Witcher Skin In Fortnite

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As of February 7, 2023, the Geralt of Rivia Witcher Skin is available to unlock in Fortnite. But before you can get this Outfit, you must own the Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass.

Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass owners get access to Geralt's Quests. There are two pages of Geralt's Quests, but to get the Skin, all you need to do is complete the Page 1 Quests.

Fortnite Geralt Of Rivia Witcher Skin: All Geralt's Quests And Rewards

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You can find Geralt’s Quests in the Quests tab. The Page 1 Quests are available now, while the Page 2 Quests are scheduled to go live on February 28, 2023.

Below are all of Geralt's Quests and the associated rewards:

Geralt's Quests: Page 1

  • Activate Reality Augments in five different matches (5)
    • Geralt of Rivia Loading Screen
  • Complete three Bounties (3)
    • Muscle Memory Spray
  • Defeat a Boss (1)
    • Weapons of the Witcher Back Bling
  • Emote in The Citadel throne room (1)
    • Igni Sign Emote
  • Deal 500 melee weapon damage to opponents (500)
    • Witcher’s Steel Sword Pickaxe

You can knock out the majority of these Challenges with a quick visit to The Citadel. Fortnite The Ageless Champion frequents the throne room, so defeating him there and emoting afterwards to celebrate will kill two birds with one stone. Furthermore, The Ageless Champion's Mythic Fortnite Shockwave Hammer is the perfect tool for dealing melee weapon damage.

Clear all five of the Page 1 Quests, and the Geralt of Rivia Witcher Skin is yours to keep!

Geralt's Quests: Page 2

The Page 2 Quests and rewards are not available until February 28, 2023, but of the five rewards, two will consist of a Wrap and an alt Style for Geralt.

You have until the end of Chapter 4 Season 1 to unlock the Fortnite Geralt of Rivia Witcher Skin and all the Witcher cosmetics!

Want more Witcher goodies? Be sure to participate in the Fortnite School of Llama.

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